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IL GOP Establishment to Grassroots: Only Rich, Donor Voices Matter

IL conservative grassroots activists join Tom DeVore and Darren Bailey for a press conference at The Drake Hotel in Oakbrook on Nov. 7, 2022. (Facebook / Tom DeVore)

By Illinois Review

In private messages, social media posts and public comments on Illinois Review posts, a theme is emerging from the IL GOP establishment to the hardworking, grassroots conservative freedom fighters: only rich, donor voices matter.

It’s an elitist mentality – and for years, they’ve gotten away with it.

But that’s now changing.

As embattled IL GOP chair Don Tracy struggles to maintain his control of the party, and with new revelations that his family-owned business, where he is an owner, donated to Joe Biden in 2020 and ‘Never Trumpers’ in 2022, the small, but entrenched establishment is swinging back in a way that only out-of-touch elitists can.

Leslie Munger, a two-time failed candidate who’s never won an election despite being appointed by Gov. Bruce Rauner to serve as Comptroller following the death of Judy Baar Topinka in 2014, commented on an IR article titled, “Embattled IL GOP Chair Don Tracy Becomes Distraction as Names Surface to Replace Him,” writing:

“I’m struck by the number of people who have never run for office, never run a campaign, never canvassed thousands of doors, never raised millions of dollars to support Republican political efforts, and/or never contributed substantial funds to the ILGOP or a specific candidate are now the loudest voices complaining about the results of this election.”

Munger then finished her sentence with,

“I have done all of the above.”

In Thursday’s article titled, “IL GOP Chair Don Tracy’s Family-Owned Business Donated to Biden, ‘Never Trumpers,’” another elitist establishment-type named Darlene commented,

“Why not point out his individual contributions to the GOP?…Whoever wrote this article, I guarantee, has not donated as much as Mr Tracy has to GOP causes..”

And former state central committee member Lynn O’Brien, who endorsed the Richard Irvin for Governor campaign, commented publicly on a Facebook post on Thursday, writing,

“We can’t or shouldn’t complain if we haven’t given money, knock doors, attended events…”

Although this article has highlighted three different comments from the elitist, establishment-types, there are more. Much more.

Since the GOP establishment is so concerned with money, how can they explain $50 million donated to their candidate Richard Irvin, only to come in third place and lose to the conservative grassroots candidate by 42 points.

It wasn’t even close – and an embarrassing defeat for the GOP establishment.

As SMurray, a conservative grassroots patriot commented,

“The 3-T’s of being a good party member are TIME, TREASURE, and TALENT. Not everyone can give money, but just because they can give money does not make them somehow better than someone who gives the time (volunteering and doorknocking, especially) or the talent.”


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