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Breaking: Powerful Teachers Union That Supported Mandates, Helped Write Sex Education Standards, Donated to Illinois Republicans



By Illinois Review

The National Education Association – an organization whose state association in Illinois endorsed Democrat Gov. JB Pritzker for governor and Democrat Kwame Raoul for attorney general; promoted mandates during the pandemic, and helped write the controversial sex education standards, has donated more than $1.5 million to Illinois House and Senate Republicans since the start of the pandemic through their political action committee, Illinois PAC for Education (IPACE).

At the start of the 2021 school year, Gov. Pritzker announced a mask mandate for students and teachers – and the Illinois Education Association (IEA), the largest education organization in the state, applauded the decision, with IEA president Kathi Griffin saying,

“We want to be back in school with our students. We so missed working with them in person. And by having a mask mandate, we have a more likely chance of staying open and working through this pandemic.”

Griffin also supported vaccinating Illinois school children, arguing that they keep everyone safe and healthy.

“We support public health strategies that work. Vaccines are the most effective way to ensure safety. And, vaccines combined with other known effective mitigation strategies, such as wearing masks, washing hands, keeping socially distanced, appropriate building ventilation, and a vibrant testing program for students and staff will help all of us meet the goal of keeping doors open and everyone safe and healthy.”

The NEA also played a critical role in drafting the incredibly controversial National Sexuality Education Standards, allowing teachers to teach children about gender identity, sexual orientation, hormone blockers and gender expression.

The curriculum has angered parents in Illinois and across the country – and that anger is justified. More than 500 school districts in Illinois have exercised their ability to “opt-out,” declining to teach these outrageous sex education standards to children in their classrooms.

Incoming House Republican Minority Leader Rep. Tony McCombie was one of the largest recipients of IPACE money, receiving $119,900 since 2020.

Political Donations from the Teacher’s Union to incoming Republican House Minority Leader Tony McCombie. (Source: Illinois State Board of Elections website).

House Republican Conference Chair Rep. David Welter received $60,400.

On the Senate side, Deputy Senate Republican Leader Sen. Sue Rezin received $55,400.

Since the start of the pandemic, IPACE has given $333,800 to House Speaker Chris Welch. Sen. Don Harmon, the Democratic Senate President has received $231,439.51.

In July, during the National Education Association’s national conference in Chicago, Gov. Pritzker was a keynote speaker, just two days before Vice President Kamala Harris was scheduled to address the group.

In Illinois, it’s expected that one of the largest teachers unions would support Democrats. But to support Republican legislators, whose own constituents oppose every single policy of the Illinois Education Association and their PAC – and for the Republicans to happily accept their contributions – is shocking.

And who suffers? Our children.

For a complete list of contributions made by the Illinois Teachers Union to Republican legislators, check out Thomas DeVore’s Facebook page.


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  1. I don’t get the point of this article at all. IPACE gave money to Republicans. Take it. If not it goes to Democrats. If some union money actually goes to Republicans great! None of the Republicans voted for any of that crap anyway.

    • They sat on their hands. They did nothing to fight it. Kids were masked, vaxed, schools shut down. And McCombie was counting her money. By the way, some did vote for it. And just watch this disgusting sex ed bill get jammed through next week. This week gun ban, next week gay sex for kindergartners. WAKE UP RINO MAYOR.

  2. IEA “Republicans” have been with us since the 1960’s. The teachers unions have run the state into the ground. We are near bankruptcy and half the Chicago schools are vacant, but nothing will change until you have a real opposition party in Illinois. If they took money from the teachers, get rid of those “Republicans” in the next primary. They were the same ones who tried to take a dive against Pritzker with
    Richard Irvin and then by not doing anything to help anybody they didn’t like who won in the primary. The teachers aren’t a charity outfit. They knew exactly what they were doing and why.