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Economos: Democrats Want to Ban Gas Stoves, Would Get an “F” in Chemistry



By James P. Economos, DDS, Opinion Contributor

Years ago, when the “green movement” was in its infancy, natural gas was considered clean and safe. Last month, a movement began that natural gas stoves needed to be banned due to “dangerous emissions” that were causing asthma in children, among other things.

Not surprisingly, Democrats in Congress started to chime in about the “dangers” of gas stoves!

What rubbish!

Natural gas is methane gas with a trace amount of sulfur (mercaptan) added so it can be detected if there’s a leak. Methane gas by itself is odorless.

If mercaptan was not added, one would not know if there was a gas leak of some sort. Who knows how many accidents have been avoided because of the unpleasant odor that alerts people to a problem.

Propane gas is also odorless and has mercaptan added for the same reasons, and this author is confident that if the Democrats are set on banning natural gas stoves, propane gas is next.

Anyone who has taken basic chemistry knows the simple chemical formula of methane is CH4, and Oxygen is O2. When natural gas is burned, it simply produces water, or H2O as a byproduct of the heat being released.

So what’s the problem with water vapor being released? But to liberals, anything can be demonized.

And now, these same people who were also pushing “follow the science” when it came to the COVID-19 vaccination – they, are now silent on recent information that there’s a link between taking the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine and strokes.

The Democrats have always had a credibility issue – but it’s getting worse.

To learn about who is behind the push to ban gas stoves, check out this article here.


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