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Pritzker Signs Assault Weapons Ban, Warns Conservatives There Will be Consequences for Breaking the Law



By Illinois Review

Late Tuesday evening, Illinois became the 9th state in the nation to ban assault weapons after Gov. JB Pritzker, D held a signing ceremony at the State Capitol in Springfield. After the ceremony, Pritzker spoke to the press, where he had a stern warning for conservatives across the state: there will be consequences for not following the law.

Earlier in the day, the Democrat-controlled Illinois Senate passed an amended version of the assault weapons ban, 34-20, before sending it back to the House for a vote on the final version before sending it to Gov. Pritzker for his signature.

Former Republican nominee for governor and State Sen. Darren Bailey did not hold back on the Senate floor, telling his colleagues that the State Supreme Court will rule the bill as unconstitutional.

“You’ve got to know the actions that you are taking are tyrannous. You also must know that I and millions of other gun owners in this state will not comply.”

The Illinois State Rifle Association – an organization that Democratic legislators did not consult with when drafting the bill, didn’t mix words either, sending out a simple statement earlier in the day that said,

“Challenge accepted. The Illinois State Rifle Association will see the State of Illinois in court.”

The Illinois State Rifle Association’s letter to Democrat leaders in Illinois on January 10, 2023. (Source: ILSRA)

The Democrats can’t even define what a woman is, so how then do we expect them to define what an assault weapon is?

The Democrat-controlled Illinois House passed the final version of the Senate bill late Tuesday, 68-41. Outgoing Republican House Minority Leader Jim Durkin joined the Democrats and voted in favor of the assault weapons ban.

IL GOP House Leader Jim Durkin votes with Democrats in favor of the assault weapons ban on January 10, 2023, moments before it was sent to Gov. Pritzker to sign into law. (Source: Twitter/Alex_Degman)

On Sunday, Durkin announced that after more than 24 years in the Illinois legislature, he was resigning his seat. In November, the day after the election, Durkin announced that he was resigning as House Minority Leader.

During the midterm election, Durkin suffered embarrassing losses, giving House Democrats once again, supermajority control in the Illinois House.

In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, Durkin blamed the Second Amendment and social issues like abortion for Republican losses in November.

But for Durkin to suggest that Second Amendment and pro-life issues are “dragging” the Republican party down is an insult. These are the issues that make us Republicans in the first place.

In the last week, Illinois Review has published several articles about Durkin using his political influence to target conservative grassroots candidates during the Illinois Primary.

Sources also confirmed to Illinois Review that the IL GOP is blaming Durkin for the party’s postage discount abuse, where mailers “Paid for by the Republican Party of Illinois” were sent during the primary to viciously attack conservative Republican grassroots candidates that were challenging Durkin’s friends and political allies.

And now the IL GOP faces a potential postage discount audit that could be damaging, with some suggesting that an audit could even bankrupt the party, and force a restructuring of the entire leadership.

But while the assault weapons ban is now law in Illinois, expect massive lawsuits in the coming days and weeks challenging this unconstitutional law.

Just minutes after Pritzker signed the bill, former Republican nominee for attorney general and attorney Tom DeVore, who successfully sued the Pritzker administration that resulted in the removal of masks in schools, announced that he is partnering with members of the legal profession to file a lawsuit immediately.

Please continue to follow Illinois Review for more updates as they become available.


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  1. Hey Pritzker, there is going to be consequences for you democrats violating the Illinois constitution

    Your shell bills violates Article IV, Section 8, clause “d” –

    (d) A bill shall be read by title on three different
    days in each house. A bill and each amendment thereto shall
    be reproduced and placed on the desk of each member before
    final passage. _(source Illinois state constitution)

    The original intent & meaning of Article IV, Section 8, clause “d” was to prevent corrupt members of the Illinois general assembly from speeding bills thru to prevent pushback from the public and give legislators time to study the proposed bill. Two unlawful shell bills were used by our “public servant democrats” to deceive the public and speed the unconstitutional gun ban bills thru without reading the pertinent wording in the proposed bills. The democrats aren’t law makers they are law breakers, and so are you Pritzker!

    And by the way Pritzker, I don’t listen to anti-gun lectures from people who think its okay to murder unborn and just born babies. The definition of murder is the taking of an innocent life, there is not a more innocent life than that of an unborn or just born baby.

  2. Liberal state legislators are ideologically driven and have no love for the law. They are unconcerned with whether their desires for government action are legal. Their basis for what is right or wrong is how strongly they ‘feel’ about it. If they think something ought to be this way or that, then they don’t care what the State Constitution says or the reasons it was written that way; we have no obligation to obey what the Illinois govt has no lawful authority to mandate! It is a Principle of Law that a “law” which is contrary to the Constitutions is “no law at all”; it is void ab initio (void from the beginning) and binds no one. Law-abiding People who have done nothing wrong do feel like they are being persecuted by the system because they are! Pritzker, We will fight your Marxist legislation, you communist nationalist! Don’t threaten us law breaker!