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ISRA Thursday Bulletin – February 2, 2023


Executive Directors Message
Richard Pearson

The big news is, and will be in the future, the ISRA lawsuit against the State of Illinois over the egregious semi-auto ban.  Last week I promised to give an update on the various other lawsuits the ISRA is involved to secure your Second Amendment Rights in Illinois.  As anyone can see from the list below, the ISRA is deeply involved in court battles on behalf of law-abiding Illinois gun owners.  The ISRA fights for you in many ways.  Litigation is just one of these ways.  Your membership and support of the ISRA is very much appreciated and critical to the fight for freedom in Illinois.

Harrel v. Raoul (AWB/LCM case) – Motion for Preliminary Injunction filed and hopefully briefed and heard soon.

Recently, the Chief Judge of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Illinois reassigned all the cases in that District challenging HB4571 to the courtroom of Judge Stephen P. McGlynn, which is where the ISRA challenge (Harrel v. Raoul) to that law is being heard.  The cases were sent there, as is common, because ISRA was the first to file a lawsuit against HB4571 in that Court.  The State hoped to reassign all the cases, including ours, to a different courtroom they hoped would be friendlier towards their anti-gun position.  However, ISRA is pleased such a tactic did not succeed, and believes it will receive a fair hearing of its legal claims.  In addition, when the legal talent in our case is combined with that of the other cases, we are confident those on the side of freedom have the best chance to prevail.  There are now multiple requests for an injunction pending, including by us, and we will now turn our attention to getting that issue set for a hearing as quickly as possible.

Here is an update on other ISRA active cases:

  • Snedeker v. Will County State’s Attorney’s Office (non-resident DV FOID restoration) – our Petition for Leave to Appeal is currently before the Illinois Supreme Court.
  • Meyer v. Raoul (18-20 yr CCL cases) – Summary judgment filings have been made by both parties, and an amicus submitted for Defendants. There is a final pre-trial conference on April 19, 2023, at 9:30 a.m. in Benton Courthouse before Judge Staci M. Yandle. There is also a jury trial is set for May 1, 2023 (I am not sure what issues in this case are appropriate for a jury, but the Defendants must have asked for one so that is what is on the schedule).
  • Schoenthal v. Raoul (public transportation CCL case) – There is no current future date. Defendants have filed Answers to the Complaint. The Court asked us sua sponte for a brief regarding standing, which we submitted. The Judge has not made any sort of ruling regarding that issue, so we are planning to file our summary judgment Motion soon unless the Judge rules against us and dismisses the case in the interim. If he did that, we would immediately appeal, since our basis for standing is very strong and obvious.
  • Singleton v. Kelly (FOID appeal delay case) – considering the effect of the new FOID Card Review Board on the case, including mootness. Still waiting for our Plaintiff Mr. Motwani to get his appeal (based on immigration status) processed and approved.
  • Levine v. UL LLC (Plaintiff fired allegedly for storing CCL firearm in company parking lot) – Circuit Court Judge dismissed case for failure to state a claim (stated grounds not a public policy exception to at-will employment rule). Currently on appeal in First District Appellate Court.
  • Atkinson v. Garland (federal felon restoration) – Dismissed by District Court; argued to Seventh Circuit – waiting for decision – strong indication it will be remanded for further briefing in light of Bruen standard.
  • Miller v. Smith (foster care/home day care firearm prohibitions) – Summary Judgment to Defendants by District Court; Reversed and remanded by Seventh Circuit for further briefing in light of Bruen standard.

We will keep you updated on these lawsuits in the future.

In Florida, HB543 has been introduced which would allow constitutional carry in the state.  The bill appears to be getting traction among Florida legislators.  Senate bill sponsor Jay Collins (R- Tampa) describes the legislation as an important piece of legislation that would allow Florida citizens to protect themselves.  The Florida Sheriff’s organization supports the bill.  If Florida passes this bill, more than half of the states would allow constitutional carry.

Senators John Cornyn of Texas and Bill Hagerty of Tennessee have introduced national reciprocity legislation in Congress.  This bill would allow the Right to Keep and Bear Arm across the nation.  There are three major points in the bill.  First, it does not set a national standard for the right to carry.  Second, if you have a concealed carry license in your state, you can carry the same as if you were in your own state.  Third, it would treat state issued licenses like driver’s licenses so they would have to be recognized by every state.  While we all hope this bill gets traction, in the past, national reciprocity as hit snags.

Crime is rising but none of the leftwing geniuses can figure out what the problem is.  Well, here is a fine example of what the problem is.  In New Mexico, a woman was caught with 878 fentanyl capsules and $8400 in cash.  Obviously, she was dealing in this deadly illegal drug.  Her punishment was two days in jail.  That is the problem, hint, hint.

I often alert everyone that daylight crimes are becoming more common and there is no place that is safe.  On Chicago’s safe Northwest side an 80-year man’s home was invaded at 10:30 in the morning.  A man and a women knocked on the octogenarian’s door.  When he opened the door, they burst in and began beating the man.  Fortunately, the 80-year-old had his pistol with him and shot the man in the leg, ending the attack.  The older gentleman was taken to the hospital in critical condition.  He probably would have been beaten to death had he not shot the home invaders.  Be ready, you can’t let your guard down.

Winter Wars XIX is scheduled for February 11th, 2023, at the ISRA Range.  This is a fun match for military surplus rifles, shot at 200 yards from the prone position on a military head and shoulders silhouette (the so-called Sitting Dog target). 


February 2, 1876 – The National League Professional Baseball Clubs is formed.  In 1901, the American League was formed.  The first official baseball game was played in 1846 in Hoboken, New Jersey.  The first World Series was played in 1903.

February 3, 1959 – The day that music died.  Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and J. P. (The Big Bopper) Richardson died in a plane crash near Clear Lake, Iowa.   Waylon Jennings was a band member in Buddy Holly’s band.  There were four people but only three seats.  Ritchie Valens and Waylon Jennings flipped a coin for the last seat.  Ritchie Valens won, or did he?

February 4, 1789 -George Washington is unanimously elected the first President of the United States.  There were only 69 Electors in 1789.  Every one of them voted for George Washington.

February 4, 1938 – Walt Disney releases “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”.  Few thought a movie audience would sit through a cartoon for that long.  Disney managed to borrow 1.5 million dollars to make the movie.  The film grossed 8 million dollars, the most any film had made up until that time.
One of Walt Disney’s sayings is on my desk.  It is: “Its kind of fun to do the impossible”.  That was the kind of man Walt Disney was.

February 4, 2004 – Facebook is born.  Mark Zuckerberg, a Harvard University sophomore, set up Facebook as a way for Harvard students to connect with each other.  Within 24 hours, 1200 to 1500 students had signed up.  By the end of the year, over 1 million people had signed up.  Zuckerberg left Harvard to run his new company from California.  Mark Zuckerberg is technically a college dropout.  How will he ever make it, I wonder?

February 4, 2005 – Alberto Gonzales become the first Hispanic Attorney General of the United States.

February 5, 1883 – The Southern Pacific Railway completes its New Orleans to California connection.  This was the second Transcontinental Rail connection.  The transcontinental railway bound the country together and greatly helped build the United States.

February 6, 1778 – The American victory over the British at the Battle of Saratoga convinced the French to sign the Franco-American Alliance on this date.  Before the Revolutionary War was over, France would give about 13 or 14 billion dollars with the aid of the United States.

February 7, 1812 – It is estimated that the largest earthquake in human history occurred on this date.  The earthquake was centered in New Madrid, Missouri.  It was estimated at 8.8 on the rector scale.  The quake killed 1000 people, but the area was uninhabited for the most part.  The Mississippi river ran backwards for several days.  If it happened today, St. Louis would be wiped out.  The earth shook so much that the church bells rang in Boston.  In Cincinnati, Ohio, brick buildings crumbled.  One good thing that happened was the Mississippi River was infested with pirates that lived on numerous islands on the river.  They were all wiped out by the river tsunami.  Huge fissures opened and some of the pirates were swallowed up, never to be seen again.

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