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Sources: Illinois Democrats Dominate House Chamber, Supermajority Forced to Occupy Seats on the Republican Side



By Illinois Review

Illinois House Democrats maintain a comfortable supermajority in the Illinois House of Representatives by a margin of 78-39, leaving Republicans voiceless and irrelevant on local and state matters.

And in an interview on WMAY radio with Bishop on Air on Monday, Illinois Republican Party chairman Don Tracy spoke about the Democrats’ control in Springfield, and suggested that,

“Even democrats should want a two-party state . . . it’s in everyone’s interests to have a stronger Republican Party. They’re overplaying their hand, and I hope Illinois voters recognize that and return Illinois to a two-party state next election.”

In other words, the Democrats should come to their senses and throw the Republicans a lifeline by not winning so much because it’s “in everyone’s interest to have a stronger Republican Party.”

The Illinois House of Representatives Chamber at the State Capitol in Springfield.

Shocking and bizarre comments coming from the chairman of the Republican Party of Illinois.

And to add insult to injury, multiple sources confirmed with Illinois Review that the Democrats have run out of desks in the House chamber, forcing many Democratic members to sit on the Republican side of the aisle.

Illinois House Democrats maintain a supermajority, forcing Democratic members to occupy desks on the Republican side of the House chamber.

Democrats attempted to install more desks on their side, but settled on crossing the aisle and occupying desks reserved for Republicans instead.

President Donald Trump was famous for saying that under his presidency, Republicans would grow tired of winning, saying in one speech in Missouri,

“We’re going to win so much, we’re going to win that the people of Missouri are going to go to your governor and they’re gonna say, ‘governor, please go see the President. We can’t stand winning so much…’”

But here in Illinois, Tracy is pleading with the Democrats to stop “overplaying their hand” – stop winning so much and help Republicans by giving us some wins for a change.


It’s true, and in his own words, Tracy did inherit a weak Republican Party, but it’s gotten worse under his leadership. And the only ones celebrating Tracy’s tenure as GOP chairman are the Democrats.

If Tracy continues as leader of the Republican Party, perhaps the Democrats will need even more seats on the Republican side. And no one is cheering him on more than the Democratic Party of Illinois.


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