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Pritzker, IL Democratic Party Fund $800K to Attack School Board Candidates, Including Women and Single Parents While Reading, Math Scores Plummet

Only 20% of elementary students in Chicago Public Schools scored at grade level in English language arts on average this year. Students are feeling the continued effects of the pandemic, which shut this school and others down for in-person learning for more than a year. (Ashlee Rezin/Sun-Times)

By Illinois Review

Gov. JB Pritzker has made quality education one of his top priorities, even marketing the phrase, “Improving Education from Cradle to Career” – and highlighting an increase in education funding by more than $1 billion; raising the minimum teacher salary; and expanding investments in vocational and technical training in high schools across the state.

But the reality is that our schools are failing – children are falling further behind in their learning and student test scores continue to plummet.

In Cary School District 26, 64 percent of students do not read and write at grade level, and 75 percent of students perform below grade level in math.

In Will County School District 92, only 23 percent of eighth grade students are passing math, and only 40 percent of students are proficient in english.

In Chicago, test scores dropped significantly during the pandemic, and children have fallen so far behind in reading, writing and arithmetic – they are past the point of no return, unless drastic measures are taken immediately.

Only 21 percent of Chicago public school students are proficient in English, and only 16 percent are proficient in math.

And yet Pritzker and the Democratic Party of Illinois are spending $800,000 to attack every day moms and dads running for school board simply because they want to reverse this dangerous trend of plummeting test scores and put our kids back on track so they can lead successful lives and careers in the future.

And while Pritzker campaigns on “standing up for women and families,” privately, he’s funding smear campaigns that are attacking, in particular, female school board candidates – many of them single mothers.

In Pritzker’s Illinois, he protects a woman’s right to choose only when it’s a convenient talking point, but when that woman chooses to run for school board to protect her child’s future, and to hold leaders accountable for failing schools – the gloves are off.

To Pritzker and the Democrats – a woman has a right to choose so long as that choice aligns with their political agenda. Otherise, be prepared for a complete and total assassinsation of your character – paid for by JB for Governor and the Democratic Party of Illinois.

During the pandemic, school board meetings were flooded with angry parents, advocating on behalf of their children – and demanding a return to in-person learning.

In response, these parents were demonized, silenced, and they were even labeled as “domestic terrorists” by senior officials within the Biden administration.

To throw these terms around is an insult to the brave men and women who wear the uniform and serve our country – who are out there in harm’s way protecting us every day from the real terrorists.

The Democrats are the extremists, not the grassroots.

Consider the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorist list here in the United States and you’ll find the real terrorists – people who want to murder thousands of innocent people and repeat another September 11; who want to destroy our national defense facilities; and who are in-training at this very moment on how to bring bombs and explosives aboard civilian aircraft and take them down midair.

But as it turns out, the parents were right – they were always right.

In a paper published in 2022 on the consequences of remote and hybrid learning during the pandemic, the research concluded that the shift away from classroom instruction during the pandemic, “had profound consequences for student achievement.”

And if there was ever a case for educational malpractice, this would be it.

The Democrats continue to prove by their rhetoric; the school curriculum that they are promoting, and by their attacks on every day moms and dads, and particularly women – that they are the extremists.

And they’re running scared.


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