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U.S. Representative Mary Miller’s Congressional Family Caucus



Most of what you read in the news (and, to be frank, most of what we at IFI report in our daily articles) focuses on things the writer thinks are wrong with the world. That’s certainly a vital function of journalism. All the same, it’s definitely a blessing when a journalist gets to report on something God-honoring happening in the world.

Earlier this month, U.S. Representative Mary Miller (R, IL-15) announced the launch of the Congressional Family Caucus from the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives. In a brief but spirited speech, she explained that the caucus’ purpose is to defend the natural family from Left-grounded erosion. She subsequently criticized the Left for its support of “abortion, fatherlessness, surgical castration, and atheism,” as well as “eliminating parental consent and replacing families with the state.”

As the Congresswoman laid out the stakes in the battle over the family, she was firmly clear both about what the family is and about why the family matters. The “natural family,” as she put it, is “a man and a woman committed for life to each other and to their children,” and is fundamental for our nation’s prosperity as it is “the root of self-government, service, community, and personal responsibility.” To top it all off, she cited Deuteronomy 6 to justify why the family ought to be the hub of instructing our children to love and obey God, then she contended that U.S. Representatives have a moral obligation to protect the family. The caucus is co-sponsored by U.S. Representatives Diana Harshbarger (R-TN) and Brian Babin (R-TX).

And all from the floor of the House of Representatives. That Mrs. Miller had the boldness to call out the importance of the family was one thing, but to chastise the Left for their relentless undermining, to unequivocally define the traditional family contrary to the torrent of popular opinion, and to cite Scripture as support for her initiative, all deserve a standing ovation.

In an interview with Tony Perkins, Miller explained her and her co-sponsors’ efforts more specifically. The caucus’ purpose is to inform legislators about upcoming bills that would promote or tear down the traditional family. This would not only include legislation that is directly aimed at the family, but also bills that might have a completely different surface-level purpose—such as bills pertaining to the economy—but which have family-impacting implications. Miller again emphasized that God’s command about the instruction of children was given to parents, not to the government. And when Perkins asked her how she could use prayer, Miller referenced Psalm 18’s emphasis on the importance of words and asked for prayer for words that would be used to build people up. Let’s pray that the Lord continues to give Miller boldness to speak the firm and simple truth to a world that is blazing with lies.

Speaking of which, although Representative Miller said that the caucus has been met with a great deal of support, not everyone is thrilled about the new show in town. An article in the American Independent warned about the “new anti-LGBTQ Congressional Family Caucus, “lumping it together with recent GOP-sponsored bills addressing transgender bathrooms, locker rooms, and military service as yet another attack on the transgender community. We can only expect that the more effective the caucus becomes, the more fire it will draw from those who reject traditional, scriptural morality and seek to erode it. If you live in Illinois, but especially if you live in Legislative District 15, send Representative Miller an encouraging letter right now.

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