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Rabine: How Illinois Parents Can Stop the Marxist Billionaire



By Gary Rabine, Guest Contributor

The culture of our schools in Illinois should not align with the culture of our Marxist Billionaire Gov, JB Pritzker (D).

Socialist Democrats led by Gov. Pritzker are striving to dominate our school board races across Illinois. Pritzker is investing millions of dollars, throwing his weight (political) around again.

He is back on a buying spree, buying candidates he can manipulate from Springfield with an agenda of indoctrination and union support in our local schools like we have never seen before.

School Districts throughout the state are supposed to reflect the values and aspirations of the local communities. Mandates from Springfield are now dominating our schools with unprecedented woke agendas and if Pritzker gets his way, our children will continue to be taught what to think not how to think.

Pritzker’s passion for graphic sex education in our grade school libraries will get more graphic and the attempted grooming of our children will get worse.

As I ran for governor last year, I met most of our County Sheriffs in Illinois. These Sheriffs passionately explained that if the sexual content that these books display was in the grade school libraries before the Pritzker governorship, they would have removed them, then investigated and prosecuted the pedophiles who placed them there.

Pritzker’s values do not reflect the values of any family or faith loving community.

We need to expose these Pritzker-like candidates and spread the word to support all candidates running against them.

If you have children or grandchildren in our schools; if you care about your property values and higher taxes; or, like me, if you simply love our country and want to defend the American Dream, then there has never been a more urgent time in our lives to get involved and stop Pritzker’s destructive Marxist demolition of our once great state.

Please spend the time to learn about the best candidates, talk to your friends face to face and through social media and vote on April 4th to stop Pritzker’s attack on our children and our families.

Gary Rabine is an entrepreneur and businessman. In 2022, he ran in the Illinois primary as a Republican candidate for governor.


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