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Opinion: How the Democratic Party Perjured Themselves in Endorsing Joe Biden for President



By John F. Di Leo, Opinion Contributor

Even those who don’t pay much attention to politics have known some things about the Biden family for years: That Joe makes up half the stories he tells; that Hunter is a longtime abuser of women and drugs; and that many in the Biden family have profited financially off their “relative in the Senate” for decades.

Conservative voters always suspected that all of the above was worse than that; and liberal voters always gave them the benefit of the doubt and told themselves it was harmless.

“All politicians lie, don’t they?”

“Lots of politicians have troubled kids; who doesn’t?”

“If you had a father or brother or neighbor in the Senate, wouldn’t your consulting business be more successful too?”

By the end of the Obama administration, in which Joe Biden held the title of Vice President for eight years, the antics that a Senator could conduct below the radar necessarily attracted more attention.

Peter Schweizer’s 2018 book, “Secret Empires,” for example, revealed the nature of Biden family connections in detail, proving beyond a doubt that Biden family members were selling access to Joe for millions of dollars in no-show jobs and no-expertise consulting services.

And this book was published in 2018, two full years before the 2020presidential election.

Then came the world-famous “laptop from Hell” – the discovery that Hunter Biden had abandoned one of his personal laptops at a computer repair shop, with countless thousands of messages, photos, videos, and other personal data, revealing not only a level of personal depravity heretofore unimagined but also – it was rumored – unassailable evidence that Joe Biden himself was a part of all the apparent corruption that surrounded him.

For his family to benefit from his proximity to power was one thing; to have directed it, meaning that he himself was the boss of the operation, “the big guy,” in Hunter’s parlance, well, that was quite another.

But much of the official information about the laptop was buried; the Department of Justice bottled up every investigation involving Hunter, and coerced their willing accessories at Twitter and other social media giants to keep the story on the down-low until after the election.

Fast forward to the Summer of 2023.

After shameful disinterest by the mainstream media and outrageous stonewalling from the DoJ, the Republican House investigators have finally been able to get unimpeachable witnesses on the record for all to see. We have learned so much from the public congressional committee hearings of the past few weeks.

We now know from multiple whistleblowers that the IRS was investigating Hunter Biden for years and years, while the DoJ, under both Democrat and Republican administrations, tied their hands.

We now know that the IRS went so far as to approach Hunter Biden for an interview in person at one point, charges ready to be filed, and the Secret Service protected him so that the IRS couldn’t hold their interview.

We now know that the Biden’s had been the subjects of at least 270 Suspicious Activity Reports (formal banking industry reports of likely money-laundering filed with federal agents, known as SARs for short) filed by independent, nonpolitical banks and other financial institutions, all of which had been buried by the DoJ when the proper investigatory agencies tried to look into them.

We now know that there were at least twenty shell companies created by various Biden family members, implicating at least nine – but likely, as many as twelve – family members in the intricate, extensive money-laundering operations needed to hide the countless millions of dollars in foreign funds – Chinese, Romania, Ukrainian, and more – that were being poured into the alleged Biden family crime network.

We now know there were incriminating audiotapes at the DoJ, years ago, tapes of conversations between Joe and Hunter Biden and various foreign actors, apparently shaking down Burisma and other foreign companies and foreign governments. And what even the more suspicious Washington watchers long believed to be bribes offered by these foreigners are turning out to have been solicited, actually even demanded, by the Biden’s, according to the evidence finally revealed in these recent congressional hearings.

In short, there is no longer any cause to give the Biden’s the benefit of the doubt.

If we were talking about anyone else – anyone at all, of either party, with such a mountain of evidence against them – they would have been perp-walked into federal prison cells long ago, and the document listing the charges would have weighed fifty pounds.

Where does this leave us? Now that all has been revealed, what is happening to the Biden’s?

It can’t be “business as usual,” can it?

Republicans in the House and Senate are preparing articles of impeachment, trying to decide how best to convince their Democrat colleagues of the obvious need to do the right thing.

Democrat power-brokers are holding mini-caucuses behind the scenes, trying to decide who to elevate so they can have a plan ready in case Joe is impeached or is forced to resign.

They all know it’s not enough to just get Joe to step down; they know they’ll need to replace Kamala Harris as well, immediately if not sooner. Nobody thinks she’s fit to sit in the Oval Office, and she won’t even have the natural culprit of old age to blame like Joe does.

So they need to choose two replacements at once. But whom?

California Gov. Gavin Newsom and Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker, the rich white male ticket?

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul and Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, the dictatorial governor ticket?

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar, the unpleasant feminist senator ticket?

Whatever happens, the powers that be won’t let Joe step down until they’ve chosen replacements who they think can win, or at least, replacements who they think can be pushed over the top without such blatant fraud as was required last time.

For us, the viewing public, this is out of our hands. We have no control over how the Democrats handle their internecine spats.

But what we do need to do – what we simply must do – is to review the above timeline and shake the scales off our eyes. It is time for America to learn a hard lesson.

So much of the above was a surprise to us. So much of the above may have been shocking to the vast majority of American voters. But to whom was it not a surprise?

To Joe Biden’s fellow Democrat party leaders.

While the press and the DoJ could hide much of the Biden family’s corruption from the American public, they couldn’t hide it from Joe’s fellow Senators, his fellow Delaware party bosses and the high ranking civil servants of Washington, DC.

What we now know from the revelations of recent weeks is that the Joe Biden crime operation – allegedly but clearly consisting of everything from bribes to shakedowns; from money-laundering to tax evasion; from the sale of national defense policy to the corruption of our nation’s relations with foreign governments – simply had to be well-known to the DNC and the other bosses of the Democratic Party, for years and years.

Democrat Party leaders had to know what kind of man he was, and what kind of connections he made; for at least the duration of his eight years as Vice President, and probably for the last ten or twenty years he was a Senator.

And yet they nominated him for President anyway.

The leadership of the Democratic Party, not only at the national level, but in state after state, actually pushed this man for the 2020 Presidential nomination.

The Democrat leadership of the DoJ, and even the DoJ civil servants governed by the Hatch Act, protected Joe Biden and the rest of his family at every turn, all these years, despite knowing of their guilt, and they continued to protect the Biden family when he was running for President, knowing full well that his election would elevate an unprecedented level of corruption into the very White House itself.

Many of them supported him over other, more relatively honest Democrat contenders, in the 2020 primaries, and they all supported him in the 2020 general election, virtually to a man.

We didn’t see dozens of Democrat Congressmen and Senators, and hundreds of Democrat state legislators, governors, mayors and county board members from coast to coast — standing before microphones and saying “No, we cannot support Joe Biden for the Presidency; that’s a bridge too far.”

Virtually none of them said it even though – as we now know – the knowledge of his corruption had to be widespread enough for years and years that the party leaders had to all be aware of it.

This information – now that it’s out in the open – can lead to only one conclusion.

We all know what it means to be an accessory to a crime. We know that people who knowingly harbor a criminal, facilitate a criminal, even promote and enable a criminal, are called accessories, and are therefore guilty of high crimes themselves.

There is no way around it: the Biden regime – the fact of it, made possible only by the willing support of countless thousands of Democrat party activists who knew of his corruption at the time – is really an indictment of the entire Democratic Party structure, both elected and unelected.

It doesn’t really matter who they support for 2024. The Democrats could promote the election of an honest, pure, miracle-working prophet next time, and it wouldn’t undo the crime they committed in 2020.

The Democratic Party perjured themselves in endorsing Joe Biden. They cheated their own members, their own base, their own jurisdictions by allowing his name to be put on the ballot. They destroyed the good name of their party by allowing him to be its standard-bearer. They committed treason by putting him in position to sell the Oval Office to the highest bidder, as we now know that they have all known was his modus operandi all along.

The revelations about Joe Biden and his corrupt family don’t just indict them, these revelations permanently indict the party that put him in office in the first place. They all share the blame for putting him in that position.

And the only logical response – the only response a rational nation can provide, after having been done so wrong for so long – is to turn out his entire party at the ballot box in 2024, from top to bottom.

There is no longer any excuse to vote Democrat for any office, in any state. None are blameless; their support of Joe Biden in 2020, before and since, taints the Democratic Party, now and forever.

Good riddance.

Copyright 2023 John F. Di Leo

John F. Di Leo is a Chicagoland-based trade compliance trainer and transportation manager, writer, and actor. A one-time county chairman of the Milwaukee County Republican Party, he has been writing regularly for Illinois Review since 2009. Follow John F. Di Leo on Facebook, Twitter, Gettr or TruthSocial.

A collection of John’s Illinois Review articles about vote fraud, The Tales of Little Pavel, and his 2021 political satires about current events, Evening Soup with Basement Joe, Volumes One and Two, are available, in either paperback or eBook, only on Amazon.


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