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ECONOMOS: Save Our Dams

A dam along the Fox River in the western suburbs of Illinois. (James P. Economos, DDS)

By James P. Economos, DDS, Opinion Contributor

There’s an old expression, “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.”

Makes common sense, but in this world of wokeism and politically correct nonsense, common sense is taking a backseat. Much of this is media driven which is why it’s wise to turn off your television or at the very least, cancel your cable subscriptions.

This same concept applies to the dams which are along the Fox River in Northern Illinois, which the climate activists are trying to remove.

(Graphic provided by James P. Economos, DDS)

In the past, many things were done because they were effective and served people well. And although the Fox River dam issue is not a flashy hot burner issue, it’s important to shine the light on this and not allow it to happen where some want to remove the dams which have served the Fox River Valley for nearly 200 years!

These dams were built from 1830 to 1850 and they have served many useful purposes and still do today. However we now have the “climate” activists and czars, who like everything else they attack, do so in the name of “protecting” the environment or returning the natural habitat to some point in time when if you lived to be 40 years old, you were considered ancient.

Don’t let the liberals win – save our dams in Illinois.


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