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IFI: Springfield Abortion Apostles Expand Baby Murder

Just when you think Illinois couldn’t do more for Big Abortion Inc. than it already has, Illinois Democrats passed a Planned Parenthood “wish list” on the last day of the lame duck session. On Tuesday afternoon, January 10th, the Illinois Senate passed HB 4664 by a vote of 41 to 16.

IFI: Tyrannical Sex-Education Mandate for K-12th Grade

Written By David E. Smith In late May of 2021, the Illinois General Assembly rammed through SB 818, a bill to require so-called “comprehensive sex-education” to...

IL GOP Violates Party Platform, Pays for and Endorses Pro-Choice Mailer During 2022 Midterm Election

By Illinois ReviewIn 2018, Republican DuPage County Board member Greg Hart, Dist. 3 ran on a pro-life platform. That same year, Hart even received...

IFI: A Conversation With Dr. Carl Trueman

Written By Alyssa Josephs | 12.20.22 IFI was honored to secure an interview with theologian, pastor, and author Dr. Carl Trueman earlier this year. In this interview with moderator Pastor Derek Buikema of Orland Park Christian Reformed Church, Dr. Trueman is asked a pressing question– “How did we get here?” Dr. Trueman tracks the intellectual genealogy of how the culture has come to the current position that it finds itself in.

IFI: Pot Use Rises Among Children

Written By Kathy Valente Gov. JB Pritzker continues to make sure Illinois has more than its share of pot dispensaries. And as Illinois Family Institute warned repeatedly that...

IFI: Paradise Lost and the Message of Christmas

-Written By Rev. Thorin Anderson We all hunger for paradise. We had it once and it was good!  In fact, based upon the words of the...


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