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$1 Million in cash found in Massachusetts lawmaker’s safe deposit boxes




MASSACHUSETTS – Last week, more than $1 million of cash, in small bundles, was found in safe deposit boxes belonging to a disgraced former Massachusetts state representative.

At least $750,000 in cash wasn't found in shoe boxes in a Springfield hotel, like the late Secretary of State Paul Powell's was in 1970. Another cache of $50,000 was found in Powell's state office. His estate was finally found two years later to have a cash value of more than $3 million, plus 61,290 shares of stock in seven Illinois racetracks.

Former Dartmouth, Massachusetts lawmaker John George, 68, has been sentenced to nearly six years in federal prison for embezzling almost $700,000 from his taxpayer-subsidized bus company to bankroll his farm. George was convicted and sentenced to 70 months in prison.

George's sentence also required him to pay $688,772 in restitution and forfeit $1.38 million to the federal government. Following that judgment, the U.S. Attorney’s Office and U.S. Marshals obtained warrants for George's safe deposit boxes.


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  1. As a typical Democrat, he only saved all that money so he could distribute it to the poor at Christmastime. It was evil, right-wing Republicans who railroaded him into a conviction. They must have planted most of that money so they could make him look like a liar after the press report:
    “George was required to disclose his financial status to the court prior to his sentencing in July 2015, but only reported about $160,000 in bank accounts and another $28,000 in cash. The Marshals say they found more than $1 million in the safe deposit boxes.”
    We must help him. Please send him some money for a defense lawyer. We need him so badly as a legislator again. Please….send money NOW!

  2. A Democrat, and from sophisticated Massachusetts, too.
    SanityMan, I don’t see how we ignorant hicks living west of the Hudson River could be of any help to this example of superior upper-class New England patrician.
    Maybe he can find a Kennedy to be his legal attorney.