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Rasmussen finds Americans like Christmas, want it celebrated in public schools


Americans continue to strongly support the celebration of Christmas in public schools, places that most already believe lack enough religion.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 76% of American Adults believe Christmas should be celebrated in public schools. Just 15% disagree. 

These findings are unchanged from surveys for the past two years. 

Also little changed from previous surveys is the 54% of Americans who say there’s not enough religion in the public schools. Just 12% say there’s too much religion in public schools, while 27% say the level of religion in schools is about right.

Among adults with school-age children at home, 82% favor celebrating Christmas in public schools, and 61% believe there should be more religion in those schools. 

Support for more religion in school appears to mostly concern Christianity. In March, 96% of Americans felt Christmas should be observed in schools, while 75% said the same of Easter. There was significantly less support for observing the major Jewish, Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist holidays in schools.


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