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UPDATE x1: Conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly says Donald Trump is America’s last hope


See UPDATE x1 below the fold 

ST LOUIS, MO – If World Net Daily's quotes from an exclusive interview with conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly are what they seem to be, businessman Donald Trump just received a coveted endorsement. 

“He does look like he’s the last hope [for America],” WND reports Schlafly said. “We don’t hear anybody saying what he’s saying. In fact, most of the people who ought to be lining up with him are attacking him. They’re probably jealous of the amount of press coverage he gets.

"But the reason he gets so much press coverage is the grassroots are fed up with people who are running things, and they do want a change. They do want people to stand up for America. It really resonates when he says he wants to ‘Make America Great Again.’”

Schlafly, who is a hardliner on immigration and abortion, praised Trump's willingness to fight the status quo.

“It sounds like Donald Trump is the only one who has any fight in him,” she said. “He will fight for the issues that we really care about and are very hot at the present time, such as the immigration issue. I don’t see anyone else who’s eager to fight.”

Schlafly founded the national conservative group Eagle Forum during the Equal Rights Amendment opposition, and earlier this year, the 91 year old turned the organization's reins over to activist Ed Martin.

She expressed frustration with the Republicans that voted for the $1.1 Trillion budget last week.

Schlafly unloaded on Republicans in Congress for passing the $1.1 trillion omnibus bill last week, a move she called a “betrayal.”

“This is a betrayal of the grassroots and of the Republican Party,” Schlafly said in an exclusive interview with WND. “We thought we were electing a different crowd to stand up for America, and they didn’t. We’re extremely outraged by what Congress has done. Nancy Pelosi couldn’t have engineered it any better. I think the people are going to react by electing Donald Trump.”

More of the WND interview HERE.

UPDATE x1: Phyllis Schlafly distributed a Christmas greeting Monday afternoon via mass email that muddies the above quotes somewhat:  

So, what is at stake is the big question: will America continue to be a nation?  From the beginning of his candidacy, Donald Trump has spoken about these fundamental questions.  He is the front runner in large part because of these issues.  While no candidate is perfect (not even Reagan), we must recognize leadership.  There are good candidates in this race.  Rick Santorum and Ted Cruz have also stressed the key issues and shown the willingness to fight.  We need those two to keep doing well and articulating our positions.

Very interesting and very confusing to those who respect Schlafly's opinions.


  1. She’s right on. None of the other major candidates in the race will do anything differently than the GOP Congress with the exception of Cruz. And Cruz can’t win because there is no way he can appeal to Democrats and independents. Our country is at stake and we need a hero like Trump to restore its greatness.

  2. Its a real sign of sad desperation if she thinks he’s the only viable “conservative” candidate. A man who never goes to church, a man who lies, a man who excused himself from serving because of poor health ,who now claims he’s so so healthy (have been all my life). A man who backed immigration reform before he turned on all illegal mexican staff. This is a decrepit amoreal man FOR REAL. Not made up nonsense. He’s on record time and time again.
    This is a conservative leader? really? A man who backs some liberal policy as well. really?
    she’s very desperate.

  3. so your solution is to vote for someone even worse? As as Trump supporter I have the right to call you an American Fascist.
    I suggest anybody confronted with a Trump supporter should treat them like the hateful un american vermin they are. They should be shamed back under their white hoods.
    If only the German people had done the same thing with Hitler and his supporters when they started.

  4. Phyllis is rarely wrong but she is as wrong here as when she backed George Ryan in 1998, who was already on record for gay rights, over Glen Poshard. Trump may get Democrats and Independents in the fall, but there is no reason they will vote for conservatives down ballot in the primary or the general election. Cruz can bring in 5 to 10 million new Christians and they will be far more likely to vote conservative down ballot.
    The Trump crossovers won’t cut back the Dem fraud but church going Blacks and Hispanics in Democrat areas can be organized to stop the usual Democrat vote theft. The idea that someone who steamrolled the Republican Establishment and the Democrats in a Presidential year is unelectable is the same old trash from the “moderates” we have been hearing since Goldwater.
    The record is clear, except on trade where he needed to placate the unions who constructed his casinos, Trump has always been a hard core liberal until he ran for President. Nobody, not even Romney, has flipped on so many issues so quickly (at least “Flip” Romney had 5 years of rhetoric, not six months like Trump, before he ran for President.

  5. Mrs. Schlafly has done much for the conservative movement. She awakened the consciousness of patriots with her seminal A Choice Not An Echo (1964) which warned dedicated Republicans against the “Establishment” Republicans on the east coast. She was correct then and she is correct now. She was correct about the ERA and she was right about the United Nations.
    We don’t have time to squibble over points of policy; we need ACTION and the only candidate providing anything close is Trump.
    We stand at the threshold of the death of Western Culture and our Republic. We must embrace the candidate who has generated enthusiasm and a following. I have never agreed with all the ideas of any politician, and I certainly am not going to do so now. Our Nation is at risk from illegal and Obama sanctioned immigration.
    Immigration impacts national defense, labor markets, infrastructure, government services, voting blocs etc. Trump has aroused public consciousness as NO OTHER candidate has. He MUST go all the way!

  6. LOL… you obviously have no concept of what fascism is. Obama is a fascist, he sends the fascist arms of his administration, like the IRS, the no justice dept., FBI, etc… to oppress, terrorize, and cover-up.
    Hillary, like fascist Hitler is a gun grabber and wants to rule over a totalitarian police state. Try paying attention and remember the white wearers were democrats. Democrats enacted Jim Crow laws, Republicans overwhelmingly supported the 14th amendment to stop the democrats. The democrats overwhelmingly opposed the 14th amendment

  7. Because all of the other “staunch conservatives” running for the office?
    Is that the point you are trying to make?
    There isn’t 1 principled Conservative in this race, and there hasn’t been one for decades.
    If you are so principled feel free to sit this one out – we’ll handle this one for you.

  8. I am very sad that Phyllis has gone this far delusional. Donald Trump is a childish and vulgar little man who was spoiled by his rich father as a child and never grew up. He knows nothing about the Constitution, nothing about conservative principles. He only knows how to con gullible people into thinking his conversion six months ago from Left-Wing New York Democrat to crazy populist “Republican” demagogue was real. I don’t care if Trump runs as an independent or not because we saw this same movie before with crazy Ross Perot who did not win a single electoral vote as an independent.

  9. Never grew up??? Really, well his daddy didn’t make him a multi billionaire. I say he had to of grown up. You don’t like him because he doesn’t use the PC GOP talk, well I have news for you, the average Joe HATES the PC propaganda. That’s why Trump has so much support, because he speaks plainly!! The voters know the establishment GOP isn’t trustworthy, they treat us like we are stupid! They will live to regret it!
    We never left the republican party, the new world order republican party left us! And their day of retribution is at hand!
    Trump says America and Americans will come first if he is elected president!
    The Establishment GOP never puts Americans first! Case in point the Omnibus, the legislation will fully fund President Obama’s resettlement of both ‪‪refugees and illegal aliens, ‬fully fund sanctuary cities and quadruple the number of H-2B foreign worker visas to over a quarter of a million!!! We’re talking about blue collar jobs, like construction workers, etc….who will lose their jobs to foreigners. Get the point???
    There are a record number people who are not working, a record number receiving SNAP, there are near record numbers looking for jobs and the establishment GOP stabs them in the back. And you elitists wonder why people sometimes give up looking a job.
    Let me ask you something Mark, Obama has spent $350 million dollars for homosexual rights in Africa, just where is the constitutional authority to spend 350 million of our tax dollars for homosexual rights in Africa. That’s right there is none! Why hasn’t the establishment GOP stopped him??
    I guess the 18+ trillion dollar federal debt isn’t high enough for them; the generational theft is despicable!
    We never left the republican party, the new world order republican party left us! And their day of retribution is at hand!
    Party loyalty must be earned there isn’t a right to it….

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