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Durbin: ‘All Hell Will Break Loose’ Over Abortion Language in Spending Bill




WASHINGTON DC – Illinois U.S. Senator Dick Durbin warned that “all hell will break loose,” if Republicans force the issue on abortion language in the year-end omnibus bill.

“Just heard about it for the first time today, and if they try to do it, all hell will break loose,” said Durbin. "You can imagine. The phrase ‘Hobby Lobby’ perks up the ears of many members of the Senate.”

The Illinois Democrat said that given recent events, he wouldn’t be surprised if the debate runs up through Christmas Eve.

Durbin’s comments came on a day that members of his party were more bearish than in recent days about getting the work completed on necessary end-of-the-year tax and spending.

Durbin told reporters that when House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., said last week the omnibus deadline could get pushed back a week with a short CR, he had a bad feeling about the endgame.

“Let me just be honest having been around here for a little while. When Leader McCarthy in the House said well, if we don’t make Dec. 11th, we’ll make Dec. 18th, and I thought ‘oh my god, it’s Dec. 24th.’ So, I hope I’m wrong,” Durbin said.



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  1. Dirtbag Durbin, stop your whining, you commiecrats forced that boondoggle called Obamacare onto America. We had to wait till you slammed us with it to find out what’s in it. Its costing the Average American thousands more and is stifling the economy. Now, all hell has broken loose over it! So stop pointing fingers.. you baby killing , baby part selling devil.

  2. I always enjoy reminding people that Richard Durbin launched his political career in Springfield by posing as a conservative Democratic who was pro-life and who supported the Second Amendment. Once he got to the US Senate his positions evolved and we got to see his true colors.

  3. You have got it correct! I too remember how this liberal turncoat got to D.C.
    The big-time Dems there most likely taught him to “play ball” they way they wanted or be sent back to the “sticks” of central Illinois.
    So, he did as told.

  4. “…all hell will break loose …” over abortion language.
    Are you talking about The Rapture, Dick, when facilitators of baby murdering like you will pay for your crimes against humanity?
    Yes, that’s what I thought you meant.