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Former Illinois Democrat Party Vice Chair assigned to three months in prison



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CHICAGO – What a difference seven years make. In the summer of 2008, then-Vice Chairman of the Illinois Democrat Party Constance Howard was featured at a gathering of Illinois Democrats at the Democratic National Convention in Denver Colorado – the same day Illinois' Senator Barack Obama accepted the party's nomination for president.

This week, former State Rep. Howard – who resigned two years ago when the feds made their charges known –  was sentenced to three months in prison for defrauding scholarship funds specifically for black students. The Chicago Democrat pleaded guilty in July 2013 to soliciting $76,700 for scholarships through a charity golf outing and then pocketing about $28,000 for herself.

After serving three months in prison, Rep. Howard will then be assigned to home confinement for an additional three months. She'll be supervised by the courts for a total of two years. 

She will also be forced to pay $16,000 to the Chicago Urban League and $12,000 to the Black United Fund. 


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  1. Constance was RAILROADED by US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald for the same reason US Rep Mario Biaggi was. She offended the banks. Her House Bill 3914, which was blocked by her fellow Democrats would have exposed a huge problem that the banking industry denies exists. For more info, https://atmmurder.wordpress.com. It’s a long blog, and very detailed, but it only scratches the surface. Over 43,000 people have visited it since November 2nd, all from Illinois. It’s probably the most offensive piece of corruption in Illinois history.

  2. Railroaded? In July 2013 this wonderful specimen of human garbage plead G U I L T Y !
    Hope she cleans toilets in the clinker, generating memories of her political history.
    She’s guilty and she’s lucky I wasn’t the judge…she get a 100-year term for each count…and not running concurrently!
    Another phony “servicing” the community. Gosh! All those innocent politicians Fitzgerald harassed!
    Home confinement! Just like Congresscritter Jan Schakowsky’s hubby after his income tax convictioN…a judge from the same ilk said the hubby had done so much for humanity!