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GOP candidates line up behind Democrat state rep’s recall effort




SPRINGFIELD – Sixteen Republican state legislative candidates have formed an ad hoc coalition to back Democrat State Rep. LaShawn Ford's proposal that would allow Chicago voters to recall Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Six State Senate candidates and ten State House GOP candidates all say if elected, they would co-sponsor Ford's legislation and push for its passage.

The statement the group agreed upon says Mayor Emanuel and the Chicago political power structure have failed the students they are charged with educating and the families they are charged with physically protecting.

"It’s time to stand up and speak with moral clarity against the injustices bestowed upon us from the political status quo," the statement says.

Rep. LaShawn Ford's effort to hold Emanuel accountable following the delayed revelation of a video tape showing a Chicago cop shooting a 17 year old 16 times is controversial among Chicago Democrats. The Chicago City Council's Black Caucus signed off on a $5 million settlement with the teen's family – all without any public knowledge.

Ford's had his own scrapes within the federal court system. In 2014, he was sentenced to six months' probation after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor tax charge. Ford was required to pay owed back taxes and complete 100 hours of community service.

The candidates listed in the coalition backing Ford's recall effort includes: 

Senate candidates

  • Seth Lewis, Candidate, 23rd Senate District
  • Mel Thillens, Candidate, 28th Senate District
  • Benjamin Salzberg, Candidate, 29th Senate District
  • Mike Amrozowicz, Candidate, 31st Senate District
  • Michelle Smith, Candidate, 49th Senate District
  • Dale Fowler, Candidate, 59th Senate District

House candidates

  • Heidi Holan, Candidate, 46th House District
  • Jillian Bernas, Candidate, 56th House District
  • Dawn Abernathy, Candidate, 59th House District
  • Allen Skillicorn, Candidate, 66th House District
  • Brandi McGuire, Candidate, 72nd House District
  • Lindsay Parkhurst, Candidate, 79th House District
  • Mike Strick, Candidate, 84th House District
  • Mike Babcock, Candidate, 111th House District
  • David Severin, Candidate, 117th House District
  • Jason Kasiar, Candidate, 118th House District


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  1. Ford is a loser. The newspapers cited his legal difficulties: “…indicted two years ago on 17 counts charging him with lying about money he spent on a real estate rehab and then underpaying his taxes by $3,800.” Gosh! Golly gee! This is the kind of Democrat these Republicans back in his effort to build a greater political career????
    These loser Republicans don’t even live in Chicago but want to show how courageous and tough they are backing an issue that won’t hurt them in their suburbs. Pharmacist Jason Kasiar lives in rural El Dorado, and Oakton College Trustee Benjamin Salzberg in Northbrook…they’re really putting their political necks on the chopping block fighting a Chicago mayor!
    SUMMARY: Non-Chicago Republican politicians support black Democrat politician and Chicago tax cheat. What a combo! Ford will appreciate such support as much as the San Bernadino killers appreciated the baby shower given by the very people they would later kill.