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State Senator agrees to pay $23k to 38 underpaid employees




HARVEY – The town of Harvey is one of Illinois' poorest, struggling Chicago suburbs, and local business owners added salt to Harvey's economic wounds by underpaying their employees over $23,000. 

The business is the Beggar's Pizza in Harvey, and the owners are State Senator Napoleon Harris (D-Harvey) and his brother. Harris is not only a state senator, he is on the Democrats' March 2016 primary ballot, running for US Senate against Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth and NAACP executive Andrea Zopp

The  Illinois Labor Department officials fined Harris for underpaying dozens of employees of his pizza restaurants, but Harris and the state reached an agreement in court and he will be repaying back wages to 38 employees.

According to the state attorney general, that settlement agreement requires Harris to repay 39 past employees of his pizza parlors a total of $23,032.09, money they were underpaid.

"$3,691 is what he owed me, underpaid me for two years while I worked there," employee Reignald Parha told ABC 7 News. "I was just fed up with him trying to get one over on me so I did some research and I found the State of Illinois Department of Labor and I wrote them a letter."

More on the story at ABC 7 



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  1. How appropriate his business is called Beggar’s Pizza! Here is yet another example of a so-called celebrity (with the fantastic, earthshaking ability to push someone- Wow!)who is clueless about both business and government.
    Dictator-in-Waiting State Senator John Cullerton said of this bungler: “Napoleon is a celebrity. But he’s a celebrity with substance. He’s a celebrity with a business background and someone who did actually run for office and get elected.” THESE CREATURES ARE THE REASON OUR STATE IS PATHETICALLY SCREWED UP. ARROGANCE TRUMPS COMPETENCE.
    He stuck it to his own people. Putting on an expensive suit doesn’t change his DNA.

  2. Wow, now that is a top notch lineup auditioning for one of the state’s most important jobs right there folks:
    A dummy pizza joint owner who is ‘tryna keep his homies down’;
    An naacp exec because, you know, as the strung out hoochie reminded us a couple nights ago in Vegas – ONLY black lives matter;
    And a 1 term congresswoman who never met an idea of Obama’s that she wouldn’t immediately vote “yes” to.
    And on the other side of the aisle we’ve got an incumbent even more liberal than the aforementioned 3 Stooges.
    Illinois is completely screwed, SO glad I’m getting out soon.