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Franklin Graham leaves GOP in disgust over Planned Parenthood funding



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WASHINGTON – Evangelist Franklin Graham has announced he is abandoning the Republican Party in disgust over the move by the GOP-led Congress last week to pass a budget that Graham said was “wasteful” and provided funding for Planned Parenthood, which he compared to the Nazis, the Religion News Service reports.

Graham has previously said he has no faith in any political party, but his apparent renunciation of his Republican affiliation is an indication of anger on the right and the strong interest many disaffected evangelicals have shown in populist outsiders like Donald Trump.

Graham himself has expressed admiration for Trump, the surprise frontrunner in the Republican presidential field, and has voiced support for some of Trump’s more controversial positions — such as his call to ban Muslims from the U.S. — which have drawn condemnation from more mainstream evangelical leaders.

More on the story HERE.


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  1. About?
    What are you waiting for?
    I ‘left the party’ a little over a year ago and have never felt better.
    I don’t spend ANY more time trying to figure out why they aren’t voting the way they campaigned that they would, and haven’t wasted any more energy becoming enraged when finally coming to the realization that they lied to me – AGAIN !!!
    Send the GOP a letter and tell them you’re gone.
    You will feel great, and a few months from now you’ll feel even better having watched all those establishment liars have dropped out of the race for the most important job in the world.

  2. Graham can still vote in the North Carolina primary as an independent but you can’t do that in many closed primary states where you must register as a Republican. 10% of the voters in the primary in a Republican district means victory vs. 40% for an independent party in the fall. I think it is very suspicious that Graham would do this now and start his prayer tour in Iowa next month. If the Republican party is so bad, why go to the caucus to vote for Cruz? Graham showed what type of character he has when the Billy Graham association dropped Mormonism is a cult on its web site after Romney visited in October 2012. Franklin is just doing the GOP Establishment’s bidding now as he did in 2012.

  3. 3rd Party?
    Not just yet.
    First I am going to help unseat as many as I can of the scumbag Republicans who have lied to me to get my vote.
    Then, we’ll see what’s left of ‘the party’ and assess next steps.
    But you, floor nin, continue to vote for the liars.
    And continue to attempt to silence the voices you disagree with as well.
    it helps us define you.

  4. “…one of us is reacting angrily…”
    Who is angry? You?
    I’m certainly not angry, I’m happier than all get out.
    I can see clearly, for possibly the first time ever since I’ve been paying attention to politics, who the enemy is.
    And by enemy, I mean enemy to my rights and freedoms as an American citizen.
    And I’m happy to FINALLY have someone who is voicing the same concerns I have, on a national level even.
    Again, happy.