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Illinois ranks midway among most heavily armed states




SPRINGFIELD – Illinois averages 9.2 guns per 1000 people, placing it at #28 among 44 states included in a CBS study on which states have the most firearms. The study was based on the 2013 census and the ATF’s National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record.

CBS' study showed that the state with the lowest ratio of guns per persons to be New York with 3.3 guns per 1000 people. The highest ratio was Wyoming, with 195.7 guns per 1000. 

The ATF's stats do not include pistols, but do include the sale or transfer of the following firearms, according to the Independent Journal : 

  • machine guns
  • short-barreled rifles and shotguns,
  • suppressors/destructive devices like bombs and grenades
  • concealable devices with the ability to discharge a shot through the energy of an explosive
  • any firearm with a bore over half an inch that has not been determined to have a legitimate sporting use.

More on the study HERE.



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  1. The story concerns only firearms controlled by the National Firearms Act of 1934. This means machine guns and silencers. Both are illegal in Illinois for private citizens. Sounds like an irrelevant story meant to worry those who lack knowledge about firearms.

  2. This story is lacking in several details. It only takes into account the restricted arms of the NFA 1934. And some of those made infamous in current media.
    Actual guns owned legally by Illinois citizens per capita, I am certain is far greater that this study proclaims. As an FFL holder and gunsmith with over forty years experience I see those numbers as greater just in my experience. As a museum conservator I am in contact with many people that also have private collections of many types of firearms.