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Rhoads: Campaigns Based on Anti-Reason



By Mark Rhoads -  Original_Blue_Logo_Reason_jpeg_11671

The level of debate in American politics for all parties across the ideological spectrum has been corrupted dramatically in recent years by the widely accepted abandonment of reason. The second definition of "reason" in most dictionaries is "the power of the mind to think, understand, and form judgments by a process of logic."

But politicians in both parties now think that logic does not drive the hearts and minds of most voters, emotion does. Campaigns based on emotion only, without any appeal to logic, drive the public policy debate to the lowest common denominator of ideas. In a democratic republic, we hope the opinions of all citizens will be respected. But that does not mean that all opinions are entitled to be given equal weight as informed or reasonable opinions.

How often have you heard someone say, "I am entitled to my opinion?" Of course they are entitled to their opinion.

But what some people are really saying is "I am entitled to my personal prejudice." Yes, even an irrational  prejudice is covered by the First Amendment but that amendment does not demand that all other citizens must accept a prejudice as valid for everyone.

Reasonable citizens should be allowed to have reasonable differences of opinion without having their motives challenged in debate. But if people do not even understand the critical difference between an informed opinion and one that is based on emotion only, the road back to a free and humane society will be much longer and more difficult.


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  1. So what’s the root cause of this lack of reason? I would say it’s the hijacking of the educational system by liberals. Antonio Gramsci’s plan has come full circle now. And what allowed this to happen? I would say most certainly that conservatives aided and abetted this in two ways:
    1. Support for free trade and massive immigration. Free trade has decimated out middle class and made it more likely that heads of households either give up or have to work several jobs to make ends meet. This means that they have less time to instruct their children on their own. Immigration has always produced more Democratic voters in the short to medium term than Republican voters. They respond to the class warfare and envy arguments of the liberals. So more leftists and outright Marxists get elected, further infiltrating our schools.
    2. Here in IL, the short-sightedness of conservatives who wanted to consolidate school districts to save money basically made top-heavy regulations like Communist Core and other liberal nonsense more likely to get in our schools. When parents are more involved the administrations and teachers are held more accountable and are less likely to spread their cultural Marxist cyanide.
    So we have conservatives to thank. Most of them do not think long term, they think only of saving a few tax dollars. They are in many ways most responsible for this state of affairs in our country.