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Despite differences on immigration, Curran endorses James Marter for U.S. Senate


OSWEGO − Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran endorsed James Marter of Oswego for U.S. Senate Tuesday.

"I am supporting James Marter, because he is a family man, business owner, proponent of the 2nd amendment, and pro-life. James is the type of candidate that the founders envisioned, a solid member of our community, and not a career politician, so therefore, I wanted to be the first elected official in the state of Illinois, to endorse James Marter for Senate," Curran said.

Marter said he was pleased to announce the sheriff's endorsement. "Sheriff Curran is a man of integrity and principle; he is a champion of fiscal responsibility, government transparency and justice with integrity," Marter said.

There's no question that Curran and Marter agree wholeheartedly on issues concerning life, marriage and other issues of concern to social conservatives. But, Curran told Illinois Review Tuesday, they may not be exactly the same on the immigration issue.

In September, Curran led a public Fatima prayer at a pro-immigrant rally and mentioned presidential candidate Donald Trump's positions on immigration.

"How many of you think that Donald Trump may be blind?" Curran asked the crowd.

Sheriff Curran has been amidst controversy over the immigration issue for some time, doing his best to toe the line between radically-different viewpoints. As a committed Catholic, he defends immigration reform and a path allowing immigrants here already to stay in America. As Lake County's top law enforcement officer, he says he is compelled to obey federal immigration laws.

"In Lake County, we honor ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] holds, unlike Cook County," he told Illinois Review. "In Cook County, they let possible illegal immigrants that disobeyed the law out of jail even if ICE wants access," to investigate deportation, Curran said. 

But the differences on immigration set aside, Curran's stand for Marter is sure to cause him strife within the Republican ranks that are lined up to retain Kirk, despite his negative ratings from conservative groups.

"Marter's a good guy. I spoke with him for a long time before making this decision to endorse. He's more conservative on the immigration issue than Mark Kirk," Curran said. "I guess you could say that I'm applying the 80 percent Reagan rule in supporting Marter over Kirk."

Marter's campaign told Illinois Review that he holds to his position to protect the border and enforce immigration laws.

"Nothing has been agreed to in exchange for endorsement. The reasons for Sheriff Curran's endorsement were specifically listed in the press release," Raquel Mitchell, Marter's campaign manager said.

"This is an example of the old Ronald Reagan adage: If I agree with you 80% of the time, you are my friend not my enemy. Without equivocation James believes in protecting our borders and enforcing our existing immigration laws." 

Marter and Sheriff Curran will be at Morgan’s Restaurant in Libertyville, at 3 p.m. Tuesday.


  1. While I do not want the mixing of church and state issues, I am at least glad that Curran is taking a sensible approach. I wonder if he prayed as hard for Ted Kennedy to be cured of his addictions.
    A news article cited the socialist head of the Chicago Catholic Archdiocese: “I call on all Catholics and people of good will to work toward the day when our brothers and sisters in the Lord will be able to emerge from the shadows of our society to add the fullness of their light to the promise and future of our country, Cupich said.” P U R E B A L O N E Y !
    What nerve! The Archdiocese OWNS billions of dollars in real estate in Illinois (under the legal designation of “Corporation Sole”) and pays no property taxes. But it gladly and avariciously consumes police, fire protection and assorted public services.
    We are expected to fork over our college tuition savings, retirement and mortgage money to fulfill the fantasies of underemployed clergy whose acknowledged contribution is the production of prayers, the efficacy of which has yet to be proved.

  2. Curran is a damned fool AND a politician – forget the Sheriff title. As a now retired police officer after 36 yrs.’ of service, U.S. citizens need to be much much more aware of the violent criminal activity illegal ALIENS are responsible for in this country. Sanctuary cities (S.F., Chicago among others), MY Catholic Church being bribed by this administration to settle islamic syrians in this country. Yup, paid millions of OUR dollars to assist obama. Try taking a stroll in Dearborn. MI. where muslim ‘no go zones’ already exist and after having your butt beaten see how you feel then. Our Catholic Church needs to be shown an example of what they seem to understand best – MONEY, as in empty offering plates at mass. Marten has my support and the RINO (Kirk)needs to take his boloney show elsewhere.

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