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Rhoads: More Nonsense About History




By Mark Rhoads - 

Greenpeace International executive director Kumi Naidoo said last week, "The wheel of climate action turns slowly, but in Paris it has turned. This deal puts the fossil-fuel industry on the wrong side of history."

This is just the latest silly comment from the Left that their critics are always on "the wrong side of history."  History, of course, is what it is and does not have sides. As history unfolds, it might ebb and flow in a zig-zag pattern for good or bad.

But the old-fashioned Communists believed that they were always on the "right side of history." Their belief was rooted in the doctrine of "dialectical materialism" which held that as the acorn grows to the tree so also will Communism inevitably replace capitalism in the forward march of progress. 

It is all nonsense, of course, but the concept Is hard-wired into the brains of people on the Left as part of their secular religion. Knowing that they alone are "on the right side of history" makes it so easy to close off debate or challenges from critics.

In the case of what they used to call "global warming" and now call "climate change" ideology, the Left likes to  claim there can be no challenge because only their view is "settled science" that cannot be disputed unless a dissident scientist is a dishonest "denier" or on the payroll of oil companies.  But honest scientists know there is never any such thing as "settled science" that is final because science is always discovering new information that changes the way we interpret data.


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  1. You mock the Left for having their secular religion about global warming or climate change or whatever it is called now. I wonder how you feel about the secular religion of the GOP – free trade and open borders? We’ve been told about how wonderful this is for all of us yet we now have 93 Million Americans out of the workforce. We have had our country de-industrialized as a result as well. Yet we keep hearing from the GOP that we must continue with these insane policies.
    We’re told that we can’t temporarily stop Muslims from coming in to this country because that is not who America is and other blather. Today we get a bill from the supposedly conservative Speaker Ryan that will continue to fund sanctuary cities and grants more green cards and work permits to more immigrants. This is killing our middle class. So isn’t the GOP establishment’s support of this equivalent to the Left’s embrace of their secular religion?
    The GOP is just as bad as the Dems. It’s time to clean the Augean stables by electing Donald Trump.