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McCarter criticizes Shimkus’ Support for “DC Insider Liberal Spending Bill”




LEBANON – Not only did the Club for Growth blast Illinois Republicans that sided with Paul Ryan's $1.1 Trillion Omnibus bill, one GOP primary challenger used the opportunity to turn up the heat on twenty-year incumbent John Shimkus.

Senator Kyle McCarter, who will be on the March 15th GOP primary ballot in Illinois 15 CD, hotly criticized Shimkus' vote among the six Illinois GOPers that supported the budget – including providing additional funding for Planned Parenthood, which has admitted dealing baby body parts for medical research.

McCarter noted, "Once again John Shimkus has abandoned the people of southern Illinois by supporting the liberal Obama-Pelosi spending agenda. Whether it is funding Planned Parenthood, supporting amnesty, or now voting for runaway spending, the truth is Washington has changed Congressman Shimkus into just another big-spending politician."

McCarter said Shimkus joined the Democratic party in supporting a "bloated government funding bill opposed by conservatives."

McCarter criticized what he referred to as "liberal policies in the Omnibus," which includes:

  • Funding Planned Parenthood
  • Increasing spending by $50 billion over the recent Budget Control Act
  • Providing billions in wasteful solar and wind tax credits
  • Funding a refugee resettlement program for illegal border crossers

"We deserve better from Washington. Congress has to learn to live within its means without these type of wasteful mega spending bills," McCarter said. "As a Congressman, I would work towards a balanced budget and holding the line on spending." 


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  1. Senator Klye McCarter, He reminds me of Barack Obama. What accomplishments has Kyle made in his current position? NONE! He is working with a bunch of mis-fits and he is a mis-fit himself! BUT he is a Political insider who gazes at his navel does nothing and thinks he deserves higher office because he wants to get out of this mess in Springfield. Now that Rauner has given him free money in his Political war-chest, he has a little money to run against another Mis-fit Shimkus. It’s like changing seats on the TITANIC Mr. Kyle! Klye did have a good idea. He introduced a bill to go against Gay marriage in Illinois. But I am supposing when RAUNER offered him free money to “GET WITH THE PROGRAM” he quickly withdrew his bill. With his ORAL ROBERTS past behind him, maybe he could pray for a Miracle, that he would beat Shimkus for the seat, but instead Kyle should be praying that God give him the Mantle like the men of ISSACHAR WHO UNDERSTOOD THE TIMES AND KNEW WHAT TO DO! Senator Kyle McCarter : GET A GRIP! Take leadership WHERE YOU ARE NOW! Make a name for yourself, THEN ask for a Promotion, NOT the otherway around!