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Rep. Bost defends vote for the upcoming Omnibus Budget [video]




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  1. Spend, spend, spend. No matter if Democrat or Republican it never ends. The Republicans control the House but it might as well be the Democrats. Sure there are some things that will please Conseratives in the Bill but it is the same old spend, spend , spend.

  2. Spend, spend, spend. Its difficult to tell the difference between Republicans and Democrats. Sure I’m sure there are things in the bill that Conservatives will like but it is still much of the same, spend, spend, spend.

  3. I’m so sick of all the undocumented Democrats in the Republican party. I didn’t leave the Democrat party to vote for Republicans that act just like them. Every Republican who voted for this bill should be ashamed of themselves and resign. I follow politics closely and I am looking to vote the GOPe out. It’s time to clean house.

  4. I wonder who Congressman Bost was listening to at his town hall meetings. Additionally, if town hall meetings aren’t published at least a week in advance, then should they really count as being open to all constituents? Of course, the opposition will send “plants” in the audience.
    Definitely think this is a wrong vote for the 12th Congressman.