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Rhoads: American Legion Wins Cross Case



By Mark Rhoads – Bladensburh cross

In a victory for common sense, The U.S. District Court in Maryland ruled on December 3 that a war memorial in the shape of a cross erected by the American Legion on public land 90 years ago is constitutional.

The court rejected an argument by a group of secular humanists that claimed the mere existence of a cross on public land violated the establishment of religion prohibition in the First Amendment.  

For many years atheists and others have tried to claim that merely recognizing the existence of God or Christianity in general is the same thing as the King of England endorsing only one particular denomination over others in 1789. Their arguments are ludicrous given the context of history but this decision only said the primary purpose of the cross was not a religious one which could be seen as a distinction without a practical difference.  In any case, the cross stays. 



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  1. That is good news! The establishment clause was meant to keep the federal govt from declaring one particular Christian denomination as a state religion. Two points:
    1) Just what denomination of Christianity does the memorial cross represent? Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, etc…
    2) Just how does the memorial force anyone to practice religion. That’s right it doesn’t!
    These atheist nutjobs think they have a right to not be exposed to religion in any way, shape, or form. They don’t!

  2. The fact that this is even an issue is just evidence that the Republicans party leadership of the last 40 years has been completely brain dead. These luminaries let in millions of immigrants in to this country and they vote Democratic in droves and this has allowed cultural Marxists to take positions of leadership in this country. And then we wonder why this issue of a cross on public grounds or the District 211 issue are even coming up before the courts?
    And what did these same brain dead GOP leaders get for us in exchange for cheap labor here and the decimation of our industrial base through free trade? Well nothing for the working class that’s for sure. Real wages have been stagnant for decades as many have to compete against the influx of cheap labor. The GOP elite made out in higher stock prices and 401ks. They get to sit out there on their grand estates and snootily look down on us plebeians but then are perplexed as to why we’re ungrateful for the cheaper clothes and toys that we get from east Asia. And they expect us to vote for them in the coming election?! Fat chance!