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Roskam condemns Palestinian terrorism at Jerusalem bus stop



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Medics assist injured after terrorist attacks civilians at Jerusalem bus stop

WASHINGTON - Just a few hours ago, 14 people – including an 18-month-old baby and a grandmother in her 70s – were wounded when a terrorist plowed his car into a group of Israeli civilians waiting at a bus stop near Jerusalem’s central bus station.

Over the past three months, Israelis have endured more than 135 terror attacks that have claimed the lives of 22 and injured hundreds more. American citizens have been among the victims. Today’s attack is part of an ongoing slew of stabbings, shootings, and vehicular assaults that have terrorized Israelis since September 14th.

Congressman Peter Roskam (IL-06) condemned the violence in Jerusalem within minutes:

Over the past few weeks we’ve watched with horror as terrorists wreaked havoc in Paris and San Bernardino. Israel, tragically, has been experiencing this for decades. More than 135 terror attacks against Israelis have occurred just in the last three months.

Although Israelis are sadly no strangers to terrorism, there is simply no justification for this kind of violence against civilians. Innocent Israelis are being stabbed with screwdrivers and mowed down by cars just because of who they are.

Rather than condemning these shameful acts of barbarism, Mahmoud Abbas and other Palestinian leaders continue to incite the violence. American lawmakers are watching closely as Abu Mazen continues to praise terrorists, erecting statues and naming parks in their honor. He has blood on his hands.

Last week, Congressman Roskam passed legislation combatting efforts to delegitimize Israel through Boycotts, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS). Earlier this month he introduced a resolution reaffirming states’ rights to sanction the Iranian regime.


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