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U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk Rebukes Trump




In the weeks since the Paris attacks, Republicans have been outspoken about the potential security risk posed by refugees from countries where ISIS has established strongholds from coming into the United States. But when pressed on Donald Trump’s call for “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States,” many of this cycle’s most vulnerable senators were slow to respond.

Illinois Sen. Mark S. Kirk, the most vulnerable Senate Republican, who has already made Syrian refugees a campaign issue in a recent TV ad, offered a strong rebuke to Trump’s proposals, calling it “anathema to American values,” but not before blaming President Barack Obama’s administration for a climate of uncertainty.

“The failure of this Administration to reassure Americans of our strategy and security has created an environment of fear,” he said in a statement Tuesday afternoon.



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  1. We elected a guy who’s a RINO
    And ’bout as trusty as a wino,
    At the polls we will meet
    And give him a defeat
    Then no better day will we know
    We’re glad to have new Jimmy Marter
    Compared to ole Kirk he’s much smarter,
    He’ll vote for us as The People
    And we’ll shout from the steeple
    “Rid us of Obamacare for a starter”