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Walker: The Wisconsin Comeback




By Scott Walker - 

Middle-class taxpayers are better off in Wisconsin today than we were five years ago.

Many of our political opponents seem to be frustrated with the positive progress being made in our state (see Rep. Daniel Riemer's Dec. 10 column ). Thankfully, the facts point to a true comeback story.

A recent revised report from the federal government shows that the unemployment rate in Wisconsin is the lowest it has been since the spring of 2001. The 16,600 new jobs created in the month of October is the best monthly jobs gain since April of 1992 and the best October since at least 1990. And the 45,100 new private sector jobs added October over October is statistically significant.

In addition, Wisconsin has one of the highest labor participation rates in the country. At 67.8%, our state is more than five points higher than the nation. More people are working in Wisconsin in 2015 than at just about any time in the past.

Property taxes are lower on a median-valued home than they were five years ago — which is an important benefit to working families, senior citizens, small business owners and farmers. Income taxes are also lower, with the relief targeted to help middle-class taxpayers.

Schools are doing better. High school graduation rates are up again — now ranking third in the nation. Reading scores are up in fourth and eighth grades. ACT scores are second best in the nation.

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