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The only two GOP groups where Trump isn’t leading




RALEIGH, NC – According to the latest polling among Republican voters, billionaire businessman Donald Trump is way ahead of any of the other presidential candidates – except for two subgroups: Tea Partiers and "very conservative" voters, Public Policy Polling says

There are only two groups of the electorate Trump doesn't lead with- the closely related groups of Tea Party and 'very conservative' voters.

Cruz has the upper hand with each of those.He's at 38% with 'very conservative' voters to 32% for Trump, with no one else getting more than 8%. And he's at 41% with Tea Party voters to 32% for Trump with no one else getting more than 9%.  Cruz has been the second biggest gainer since our last poll, going from 14% to 18%.

There are other positive signs for Cruz in the poll. He's the most frequent second choice of GOP voters with 14% picking him on that front to 10% each for Carson and Trump. He's also the second pick of Trump voters specifically (25% to 13% for Carson) so he's well positioned to benefit if Trump ever does falter. 

More on the latest numbers HERE.


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  1. As the liberals, the leftist press and the Dempcrats keep telling us, the TEA Parties and the “Very conservative voters” are minorities and “don’t matter anyway.”
    What does it matter…..unless, of course, those two groups are a whole lot BIGGER than the Press wants to admit!