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20 Eagle Forum state leaders pick Cruz while top Eagle boosts Trump



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ST. LOUIS – A mini-mutiny appears to be developing over GOP presidential picks, as 20 state leaders of the conservative Eagle Forum line up behind U.S. Senator Ted Cruz after the network's founder Phyllis Schlafly indicated support for businessman Donald Trump.

Thus far, Illinois' Eagle Forum leadership has remained on the endorsement sidelines. 

“Trump is the only hope to defeat the Kingmakers,” the 91-year-old founder of Eagle Forum said last week. “Because everybody else will fall in line. The Kingmakers have so much money behind them.”

But in a rare move of independence from Schlafly's leadership, 20 state leaders released a letter endorsing Cruz. Cruz responded to the move with careful respect for Schlafly.

“I am honored to have the support of so many Eagles, at the grassroots and all across this nation,” Cruz said. “Phyllis Schlafly has given me much good advice over the years, and I admire the courageous grassroots activists who are carrying on her great work. Our nation is indebted to Eagle Forum for their conservative leadership, now in its fifth decade. Eagle Forum understands the unequaled power of the American people when they rise up against the Washington cartel and in defense of our nation’s founding freedoms.”

A key Eagle Forum supporter for Cruz is Texas leader Cathie Adams. Others longtime, influential activists that signed the letter include Schlafly's niece and heir apparent Anne Cori, Missouri's state leader, as well as Eunie Smith from Alabama, Gayle Ruzicka of Utah and Sandy McDade from Louisiana. They wrote:

Among the Republican candidates, Ted Cruz stands out. His courageous conservatism is indisputable. As Solicitor General of Texas, he successfully protected the Ten Commandments and the Pledge of Allegiance. He stood up for veterans’ free speech rights. Ted Cruz defended religious liberty in public schools, the workplace, and the church. Ted Cruz’ resume is just as remarkable as his courage: Cruz does not simply choose the right side in the battles that matter: he leads the battle to victory.

As a United States Senator, Ted Cruz has led the fight against Planned Parenthood and Obamacare. He has defended marriage, opposed judicial activism, exposed Common Core, and worked to secure our border. He has eloquently defended our freedom of speech and 2nd Amendment rights.

The Washington cartel has betrayed the American people. Too many Republicans have abused the trust of conservatives. It is time for conservatives to claim our nation for liberty and to restore opportunity: as Ted Cruz says, to reignite the promise of America.

Ted Cruz embodies Eagle Forum’s mission: “to enable conservative and pro-family men and women to participate in the process of self-government and public policy making so that America will continue to be a land of individual liberty, respect for family integrity, public and private virtue, and private enterprise.“

And in closing, a bit of defiance showed in the letter, when the group mentioned the word "echo," alluding to Schlafly's conservative movement best seller in the early 1960s, "A Choice, Not an Echo":

With this in mind, we, the undersigned Eagle Forum state leaders, enthusiastically endorse Ted Cruz for President of the United States. From the grassroots up, we will work to ensure his victory: Ted Cruz is our choice, and we refuse to be an echo.

Schlafly's high esteem for Donald Trump is matched by conservative political pundit Ann Coulter and rumors are Sarah Palin could officially be joining their ranks as soon as Tuesday. 


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  1. Endorsements of any kind are relatively obsolete as they become less important. If a candidate is running for state representative and gets the endorsement of a better known party or elected official that might be worth a few votes. But at the level of a presidential candidate with all the publicity of a campaign at that level, people make up their own minds and could care less what Phyllis Schlafly or Sarah Palin or Franklin Graham or George W. Bush thinks about anything. Endorsements at that level are just so much noise that do not move votes in one direction or another.

  2. Oh, cut it out.
    Phyllis, is, of course right. As is Sarah Palin, who endorsed Trump, today. As is Ann Coulter. And as are the vast majority of conservatives in Illinois.
    It is so funny to see the – generally impotent Illinois conservatives – along with the absolutely laughable Illinois Republican Establishment – desperately running around trying to find an alternative the the overwhelming GOP front-runner, Donald Trump.
    Cruz’s wife is a Wall St. honcho — she raised big bucks for him there — he’s owned by them.
    We’ve had quite enough of that nonsense (just look at Peter Roskam and the other big-donor puppets in the IL GOP).
    Trump is his own man. He’s a protectionist who will insist on jobs coming back to IL and elsewhere in the USA. We wouldn’t even be talking about immigration if it weren’t for him.
    Get used to it. Donald Trump is going to be the GOP Presidential nominee — he’s going to be the next President of the USA — and he’s going to be a great President. He’s going to help us make America Great Again.

  3. I fought the Illinois GOP Establishment when you were diapers pal. But if you call yourself a “conservative” and think that Donald Trump is a “conservative” then you have done zero homework on Mr. Trump. Only a year ago he said he admired the Canadian single payer health care system. Is that conservative? He was pro-choice just last year. Is that conservative? He has been a liberal New York Democrat most of his life including early 2015. Is that conservative? He was for gun control. Is that conservative? He has bragged about supporting Hillary Clinton with donations in the past. How is that conservative? He knows nothing about the U.S. Constitution. Is that conservative? He cannot worship God because he worships himself. He might be a childish and arrogant populist demagogue but if that is your idea of what a “conservative” is then you are wildly mistaken and have no concept of true conservative principles yourself. As for Schlafly, Palin, and Coulter they need to be reminded that those who foolishly seek power by riding the back of the tiger will only end up inside.

  4. Before you support Trump—Be careful of what you wish for. Trump is totally in it for what it brings to Trump and his brand. He is a completely self-centered narcissist who is laughing as he is having the time of his life. Palin reminds me of a long-forgotten movie star from the silent film era who decided to hitch her wagon to Trump in order to try and revive her political relevance from long ago. The speaking engagements and talk show spots had dried up over the past few years so she had to do something to “gin up” her relevance. Trump will serve her as the opportune vehicle of choice. Watch out for what you wish for Trump supporters.