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Cruz delegate candidate list features Illinois conservative leaders




SPRINGFIELD – U.S. Senator Ted Cruz's list of delegate candidates for the IL GOP March primary boasts some of the most recognizable names in Illinois' conservative movement.

The Cruz campaign, led in Illinois by Chicago Republican Chris Cleveland, pulled in an array of conservative leaders that are rarely acknowledged among the state's Republican Party leadership, but who have influenced election after election over the past two decades. 

Why Cruz, who is running second to Trump in most polling?  

Illinois Review asked Joliet's Yvonne Sencial Bolton, who is among those on the Cruz list of delegates from the 11th CD. She's Plainfield Township's tax collector and is running for a seat on the Will County Board.

"After much consideration, I chose Ted Cruz because he most closely aligns with my values, ideals and vision for this country," Bolton, who has been involved in the Will County Tea Party since its beginning in 2009, said. "I love the fact that he has no fear and was had no problem going against his own party when needed. He's a true leader."

Bolton's thoughts are common to others that are on the GOP primary ballot for Cruz.

Among the Cruz delegates, two state level elected GOP officials are listed – State Senator Chapin Rose (R-Champaign) and State Senator Tim Bivins (R-Dixon). 

GOP leaders such as Winnebago County's Jan Klaas, former McLean County Recorder of Deeds Lee Newcom, former GOP House candidate Dan Sugrue and former Illinois Senate candidate Don Castella are also listed. Will County Board member Steve Balich, and north suburban GOP leader Blair Garber are on board.

Conservative black leaders Raquel Mitchell and Lance Davis are running as alternate delegates. Former state directors for Concerned Women for America Karen Hayes and Kathy Valente are representing conservative women.

"Ted Cruz has a impeccable record of defending our God-given unalienable rights as Solicitor General and U.S. Senator," Valente said. "He's not an establishment guy. Ted Cruz will fight for the little guy and oppose crony capitalism even when it requires standing up to the leaders in his own party."

Illinois Hispanic leader Steve Orlando is on the list, as is Illinois Family Action's leader David E. Smith and the Illinois Tea Party leader C. Steven Tucker. Barrington area's conservative leader Bruce Donnelly is a candidate for the Cruz campaign, as is Illinois Senate primary candidate Sharee Langenstein.

Cruz holds tightly to the national Republican Party platform, and as a constitutional attorney, he has argued before the U.S. Supreme Court to protect religious freedoms, the pledge of allegiance, and the Second Amendment. 

He has held alienated national Republican leadership for calling them out on deceptive political strategies that have frustrated the Republican conservative base. Many supporters find that appealing and attractive  - a pattern they say, which was established by the late Ronald Reagan.

The Cruz delegate list for Illinois' March 15th GOP primary is as follows:

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 1.24.41 PM

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 1.25.08 PM

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 1.25.36 PM

More about Cruz at TedCruz.org 


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  1. No, Mr. Sande –
    The people whose names I recognize are people that are the heart of soul of the real Republican Party. They’re pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment, pro-religious freedoms, pro-traditional values, pro-America and anti-tax conservatives. They’ve had a guts to work hard to stick to those values that the Illinois Republican Party has abandoned.
    They don’t have money like the Establishment does, but they have energy, influence and reputations that are earned – despite the powers that be.
    Be careful, Mr. Sande. It doesn’t pay to alienate these people. They DO represent votes and circles of influence. They may not win, but they can also keep others from winning.

  2. So they relish in the role of being the loser spoiler?
    like Trump says, I prefer being a winner…
    The list mentioned is the epitome of the “BS” R-wingers, always malcontent, always the be moaners, and only self serving to their own interest and most importantly who never win elections!
    come on folks

  3. Yesterday, Illinois Review published a story saying the Illinois “establishment” republicans were split between Bush and Kasich. I would say that is incorrect, as those use to be the establishment.
    The list of delegates supporting Ted Cruz is impressive along with being the “new” establishment also called the base of the Illinois Republican Party. The old establishment who go along to get along are losing support especially in these grass roots movements.
    Many of these people supported Scott Walker, now have switched to Cruz. I still see a few conservatives supporting RUBIO but I don’t see much of any support of real voters in Illinois for Bush or Kasich.
    I feel and hear about major momentum for Ted Cruz going into Iowa. Hopefully the old establishment can jump on the conservative bandwagon and start acting like republicans.

  4. Haha DD –
    Why am I thinking in 1980 you would have been the kind of Republican that supported moderates like John Anderson or George H.W. Bush when the conservative grassroots were cheering on Ronald Reagan?
    What’s it like to miss a whole wave of enthusiasm and optimism?

  5. Rubio couldn’t even file delegates yesterday. If he doesn’t get at least second sometime in February, you may be looking at a Trump vs. Cruz contest in Illinois. And these “losers” maybe your only way to stop Trump. Sneer and smear—that’s the Illinois “Republican” way. Except for Rauner, they have been the enablers of the Democrat agenda, both here and in Washington.

  6. I’ve never been accused of being an establishment type before. I guess I’ll have to give up hunting RINOs for sport. I’m looking forward to meeting other Cruz Delegates for a victory party 3/15. Now let’s get out there and spread the conservative message of bold colors in Illinois.

  7. “…start acting like republicans.”
    But that’s just the problem – they ARE acting like republicans.
    They need to start acting like Conservatives, and stop acting like Conservative is a bad word in order to pick up a couple liberal votes.

  8. Where have they been? Sad to say, some have been involved in turf wars and forgot the big picture. Others I know are worn out and discouraged. Others have just been getting their foothold on the battle of fighting the IL GOP leadership that rejects and abhors conservatives in Illinois.
    I am encouraged to see these folks emerge again with a whole new group of new ones that are principled conservatives. It’s the most hope I’ve had for a long time for the state’s future.
    Rauner’s money suffocated these voices in 2014 – and since then. That means Mark Kirk’s people and Rauner’s boys are running the state – or at least they think they are. I’m very encouraged and hope this network builds up again and they can not just be at the table, but chair the movement for Illinois’ future.

  9. Trump vs Cruz, Bush vs Rubio, Jesus vs Gacy – unfortunately it ultimately won’t matter in Illinois because we are so completely retarded when it comes to politics that Hillary will win, even if there is a blizzard and Jesse can’t get the cigarettes handed out and the buses rolling, Hillary will win illinois.
    So the Republican primary is just fighting over the spoils of nothing.

  10. Yes this state will go for Clinton. It is a Democratic state and increasingly so.
    But this is still important for the nomination of who will be the Republican candidate.
    Personally, I support Cruz but if Trump gets the nomination I will definitely vote for him unlike what I did in 2008 when I could not stomach to vote for either McCain or Obama.

  11. I hadn’t thought much of Ted Cruz because he was born in Canada and I thought someone needed to be born in the United States to be President. However, I like Chris Cleveland a lot. He has done so much to bring people together here in Chicago and welcome so many who want to advance issues but didn’t know how. Chris Cleveland definitely has my support.

  12. I agree. He is principled I’ll give him that but what has he accomplished? He is a freshman senator that republicans nor democrats like. Even Ted Gowdy who is a lawyer didn’t support him. Haven’t heard any current senators or congressmen support him. Why? So are we ready for another 8 years like the past 7?