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Father Pfleger proposes titles for guns at CNN forum with Obama



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WASHINGTON – Thursday night, Chicago's anti-gun Father Pfleger proposed titles for guns during a CNN forum with President Barack Obama.

The president said there's no consensus for such a proposal among the American people, and pointed to the National Rifle Association as the main reason there's no national agreement to register guns or gun owners.

Father Pfleger has organized numerous protests against firearms dealers in Chicago, and has called for more gun control measures. 


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  1. I believe it’s questionable if the motor vehicle TITLE law is even valid. In some state a verified bill of sale was all that was necessary.
    Unless the vehicle is being bought on credit or a bank loan, why is it needed? Is it to force the buyer to fork over some cash to the State?

  2. Alright, I’ll bite. Fine, we treat guns just like cars.
    1. I can have one that can go as fast as I want. Full Auto
    2. It can have anything on it that I want: suppressors, any stock, etc
    3. I can take it to any state, anytime, anywhere; just like driver’s licenses.
    4. IF I don’t use it in public, ie it only stays on my property, no registration needed.