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Roskam: Roe vs Wade was built on a lie, history will exonerate pro-lifers



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WASHINGTON – Earlier this month, Illinois Congressman Peter Roskam told his colleagues on the U.S. House floor that the Planned Parenthood videos revealed a modern day life and death travesty.

"They took the mask off the scandal of abortion," Roskam said. "The provocative nature of those videos forces abortion supporters to face the truth."

"I say thanks be to God for these people for being faithful and true," Roskam said. "History will exonerate the pro-life movement." 


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  1. In the middle of December, Roskam gave the Left everything they’ve dreamed of when he voted for the atrocious Omnibus bill. The Democrats were dancing in the aisles! When he had a chance to actually stop them in their tracks by using the power of the purse, he caved! Now, Roskam will make a series of many meaningless “show” votes on issues like abortion, immigration, etc. because it’s an election year and he thinks we’re too stupid to see what he’s doing. Shame on you, Peter Roskam! You have been a politician too long! You have lost your way! I am supporting and volunteering for Jay Kinzler. I recommend true conservatives do likewise.