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Chicago State University sends layoff notices to 900 staffers




CHICAGO – Friday afternoon, Chicago State University notified 900 staffers that because last year's state budget negotiations remain at an impasse, they could be facing layoffs. Earlier this week, CSU cancelled spring break so the school could finish the year before their reserves ran out.

Although both of the state legislative chambers are controlled by Democrats, a union local representing 330 CSU staff blamed Governor Rauner for the budget delay.

Union president John Miller said the governor had “no regard for our students or the future of our state," and "refuses to ask the most wealthy to pay their fair share.” 

Rauner has agreed to a tax increase if Democrats would accept specified aspects of his Turnaround Agenda, including political reforms for term limits and redistricting, along with workers' compensation law adjustments.

The state passed last year's K-12 school funding budget, but higher education measures were not a part of the education funding budget that became law. 

Chicago State University depends on the state for 30 percent of their budget.


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  1. Blame Rauner? Sure. Why not? Quinn allowed corrupt political hacks to loot the university for years and bailed out the shady president who used CSU like it was his own piggy bank and attendance tanked while the bureaucracy ballooned.
    CSU has been run as a hiring hall by Emil Jones and Madigan, so it must be Rauner’s fault.

  2. Excerpt from the CSU Faculty Voice Blog concerning the crisis:
    Make no mistake, this responsibility for this fiasco belongs at the feet of the university’s Board of Trustees, complicit in the previous administration’s excesses, and the driving force behind the declaration of “financial exigency” and the creators of the “Management Action Committee” and the “University Advisory Committee,” which includes leaders from various campus unions. That committee met the day before yesterday’s announcement and was told nothing.
    We have just endured six long years of the kind of management shenanigans on display yesterday. The staff of this university deserves better treatment. We deserve to be told what administrative decisions have been made that will affect our futures and we deserve to be given that information before it is disseminated publicly.
    Although we have a new President who deserves the opportunity to succeed, I believe yesterday’s fiasco underscored the consequences of the continued toxic presence of a Board and holdover members of a crony–riven administration that have literally brought this university to its knees.To be sure, dramatic cuts to this university’s bloated administrative positions and salaries must occur. Our first salary reductions should come from those high-salaried administrators who have done so much damage to this school.
    Rauner was not governor six years ago when the administrative abuses began at CSU.