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Rhoads: Trump nomination would be a terrible price for Blind Rage



By Mark Rhoads - Related_maryanne-trump-barry_gd_150828

Maybe I'm wrong, but I have a sad hunch that many people who voted for Donald Trump in New Hampshire fully understand that he is not a conservative and would be a terrible president because of his thin skin and childish nature. But they did not care about the consequences because they are so angry at the GOP establishment that they just wanted to send a forceful message of protest.

I share anger at the GOP Establishment also but there will be very bad consequences for all conservatives if Trump were actually elected. Here are just some reasons why. His sister, Federal Appeals Judge Maryanne Barry Trump, shown with Donald in the picture at right, is an extreme left-wing judge with a radical pro-abortion record. But Donald said last month she would make "a phenomenal" justice of the Supreme Court. If Donald really thinks her opinions are in the main stream of the GOP conservatives, he is wrong. 

He has said recently he favors a Canadian-style single payer health care system which is far worse than Obamacare and close to the Bernie Sanders socialist position. In the South Carolina debate on Feb. 13, Trump claimed he was the only GOP candidate who opposed the invasion of Iraq. But no fact-checking news organization can find any documentation for his claim and he will not offer one himself when asked.

The only time he made any statement on the subject was in 2003 when he told Fox News that President George W. Bush was doing a good job but should wait for the UN to act first. But he reversed himself in the Feb. 13 debate and implied that he then thought Bush should have been impeached. He also implied that the fall of the World Trade Center was the fault of Bush because it happened in September following the Bush inauguration.

Like most demagogues, he again offered no proof but made the claim anyway. The truth is that Trump is a very liberal Democrat who is trying to pretend to be a populist conservative to fool as many conservatives as he can.

But the real-world cost of a pro-Trump protest vote based only on anger at the establishment is very high and will do nothing to defeat even worse left-wing alternatives in 2016.   


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  1. You can also add his support for Planned Parenthood to the above. People wonder if Trump is a stalking horse for the Dems. But one thing is for sure. He has managed to take the attention of angry voters off the White Flag Republican Congress. With a few honorable exceptions, most of the Trump people have done very little to boot out the bad Congressional incumbents. They are just looking for some earthly savior to take care of every problem so they can go back to watching shows like the Apprentice. Just 1% of the same energy they use defending Trump, going to his rallies, etc. could knock out half the “Republicans” who voted for the recent budget sell out. Trump is the quintessential crony capitalist New York money man. If our ruling elites wanted somebody to totally fool the public and distract from the real problem (a Congress that lets Obama get away with murder as with Sanctuary cities), Trump has worked like a charm.

  2. Judge Maryanne Trump is highly unsound on abortion, but so are many others who are sound on at least some other issues. She testified in support of the nomination of Justice Alito when the liberals were screaming in hysteria.
    She doesn’t belong on the Supreme Court, but she’s not an extreme leftist.

  3. Since I wrote the post above, Trump again threatened on Monday to go independent or third party in spite of his pledge not to do that last December. He says the RNC has treated him unfairly because some of the donor ticket holders at the South Carolina debate booed him when he attacked former President George W. Bush. The last time any third party candidate won any votes in the Electoral College was 1968 when Gov. George C. Wallace of Alabama won 5 states and 46 electoral votes. But John Anderson won no states and no electoral votes in 1980 and Ross Perot won no states and no electoral votes in 1992 or 1996. Ralph Nader carried no states in 1996, 2000, 2004, or 2008. Trump thinks he is a big deal now who can threaten Republicans in the fall but it is a very big country with 200 million voters and his chance of tipping the scale in any direction is small.

  4. Trump is “for Trump”. It is that simple. Rhoads analysis of the Trump phenomena is correct. Here is hoping that the Trump supporters can take a deep breath and decide not to “cut off their (our) nose to spite their face”. Vote for any other GOP candidate but please do not decide to take the nation on a suicide run just for the thrill of seeing if we can survive 4 years under a Trump regime.

  5. Nope, I’m done with these lying bastards that you want me to vote for.
    No more establishment republicans for me – ever.
    I will vote for a denmocrat before i vote for another Kirk / Boehner / Ryan / McConnell type.
    Too many lies, consistent and unabashed.
    You want to vote for those who lie to you then spit in your face once they’re in office you go right ahead, but personally I’m tired of the abuse.
    And if we survive 8 years of Obama, we can sure as hell survive 4 of Trump.
    No more lying republicans – No more career politicians.
    Time for new, even if it doesnt work exactly as intended.