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Rhoads: The Oldest Presidential Candidates in History



By Mark Rhoads –  Dr. Harold Bornstein

The current group of candidates for president include some of the oldest candidates ever to run for the office. Sen. Bernie Sanders is 74 and would by far be the oldest person ever elected. Donald Trump will be 70 on June 14 and would be older than Ronald Reagan by more than half a year if elected.

Until now, Reagan was the oldest person to assume the office at age 69 years and 349 days on Jan. 20, 1981 and Reagan was also the oldest to leave office at age 77. Hillary Clinton is 68 and will be 69 next Oct. 26. Dr. Ben Carson will be 64 on Sept. 18. John Kasich is 63 years old.

Sen. Ted Cruz is 45 and Sen. Marco Rubio is 44. The two youngest presidents to take office were Teddy Roosevelt at age 42 and John F. Kennedy at 43.

The average age of all the presidents from George Washington to Barack Obama has been 54 years and 11 months at the time of taking the oath. Yes, it's true that people live longer than ever before and the average lifespan for Americans is now 78.  But very few people start a brand new physically and mentally demanding job after the age of 65.

Eight years ago Sen. John McCain was 71 when he ran against Sen. Barack Obama who was then only 48 and the contrast in age was quite dramatic. Obama was 50 when he was opposed by Mitt Romney who was then 64 in 2012 for a less dramatic but still significant age difference of 14 years.

I am not saying that there is any specific age that makes a person too old to run for president.  But as a senior citizen myself, I am simply making a common-sense observation that older candidates naturally face more serious health issues than younger candidates and the demands of the office are enormous. The recent health problems of Hillary Clinton have been well documented.

Dr. Harold Bornstein, from Lenox Hill Hospital in New York is the personal doctor of Donald Trump. He is shown in the picture above.On Dec. 14, 2015 Dr. Bornstein made this amazing statement. "If elected, Mr. Trump, I can state unequivocally, will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency."

The doctor gave no specifics but said only that Trump has lost 15 pounds in the last year and never drinks alcohol. The statement is ludicrous on its face.  How could Dr. Bornsetin possibly know who was the healthiest individual ever elected president since 1789?  Did he have access to the personal health records of all the presidents?  Of course not.

The statement was typical Trump bluster from his personal doctor with no independent verification.  The only reason that Donald Trump will not face a political contrast is that the two Democratic candidates are almost as old or older.  But 70 is hardly an ideal age for a candidate for the most difficult and demanding office in the free world. 


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  1. You must stay up all night writing your diatribes that are meant to convince people not to vote for Trump, Mark. So a person can’t be energetic and full of zip and energy at 70 years of age? That is young when compared to me, Mark, and I have more energy and get go than people half my age. 70 now days is not too old to start a new career, in speaking about Trump’s transformation from a successful businessman to one who seeks office because, like many, he is concerned about this nation and how the Republican establishment has had its way for decades in deciding elections. Trump has more energy on the campaign trail than do either Cruz or Rubio who are youngsters, only in there 40’s.
    In this day and age 70 is not old, Mark. How well I remember a program years ago, “Life Begins at 80”, when the individuals spearheaded did amazing things. I am aware of — and know quite a few — many people in there 70’s, 80’s and 90’s today who are amazing individuals and who can run rings around younger individuals.
    Can’t you at least, Mark, give Trump the credit he deserves for being the amazing, energetic person he is at almost 70? A far younger person could be stuck down at any time by cancer. Look Beau Biden whose untimely brain cancer death was most likely due to his extensive cell phone use. Lastly, don’t all presidents have a vice president to take over if something unexpected should happen?

  2. My list of objections to Donald Trump only start with his extreme age for the office. He is a childish and dangerous demagogue who pretends to be a conservative now when only a year ago the only record of him was as a very liberal New York Democrat. He is flying under false colors the way Hitler did in the 1930s to persuade very gullible people that he has had a change of heart but he has no core principles of any kind. How can anyone as dishonest as Trump is who worships only himself first and God is an after thought possibly be a good leader for America? Those of you who support Trump, please open your eyes because you will be sorry sooner rather than later. He is not remotely suited to be president and certainly not as a Republican.

  3. This whole comparison of Trump to Hitler is getting tiring. The same for calling him childish and a demagogue. And I’m tired of being labeled a “stupid” Trump supporter. I’m sure you can come up with something other word to use. Or can you?
    The children were those at the recent CYR debate watch party hooting and hollering like college frat boys whenever Rubio made a little cute remark. I thought to myself…. this is just like the Obama cult back in 2008. They act the same way. Of course, so many of these Rubio supporters were in HS back then so they have little perspective to fall back on.
    Are there any adults left out there?