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Rhoads: Why is Jeb Bush Still Running?



By Mark Rhoads – JebBush1

It is a strange perspective for any politician to have. "I retired from office eight years ago, but how come I cannot win the same high office in 2016 that my father won in 1988 and older brother won in 2000?"

Only once before the Bush family did any family have both a father and son serve as President as John Adams and John Quincy Adams did in the early days of the Republic. Benjamin Harrison was the grandson of who became president 50 years after William Henry Harrison and that also was very unusual.

But apparently former Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida thought that his family name by itself was all the reason he needed run for president after his retirement 8 years ago. There is no one else to blame for the flat-line Bush campaign. Not Marco Rubio or any other candidate was responsible for the failure of Jeb Bush to win over voters.  

Jeb simply did not have any real reason to run for president apart from his family name and his own ambition.  Maybe now he will face reality and retire for good. As Jeb said yesterday in New Hampshire, "Please clap."


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  1. Why is Jeb still running?
    Because the Establishment Republicans are still paying.
    They still hope they can get him in the White house so they can control it, through him.
    “That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.”

  2. He is still running because the establishment republicans are banking on a brokered convention, at which time they will annoint – I mean appoint – ‘the boy king’ as the republican nominee to face off against the filthiest of the filthy: Hillary.
    The ONLY thing that would stop this scenario – and God help us if it isn’t stopped – would be if Trump runs away with the primaries.
    Which, of course, is where Rubio and Cruz come in – to win some primaries and keep delegates away from The Donald.

  3. Jeb has a very short memory. His Super-PAC Rising Tide has spent millions attacking Marco Rubio for all manner of imaginary shortcomings of Rubio. If Rubio is so unqualified to be president, how come Jeb Bush publicly urged Mitt Romney to pick Rubio as his vice presidential running mate in 2012?

  4. Jeb is still running because he’s more qualified than Marco Rubio is and the reason why people want Jeb to drop out is because they want Marco to be President, even though Trump or even Cruz would be a better candidate.