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Schlafly disses incumbent Shimkus, endorses McCarter in 15th CD race



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WASHINGTON – Eagle Forum's Phyllis Schlafly is fed up with 20 year incumbent Congressman John Shimkus, and accuses him of "surrendering" to liberals in Congress and President Obama.

“Now that John Shimkus has spent nearly twenty years in Washington, it’s clear that he is part of the problem. He repeatedly supports irresponsible spending bills that add to our enormous debt. Just this Congress, he’s voted to keep money flowing to President Obama’s priorities, such as executive amnesty and Planned Parenthood. We can’t change our direction as long as Republicans like John Shimkus continue to surrender to liberals in Congress and the executive branch," she said in a statement.

Tuesday, Schlafly endorsed 15th CD GOP challenger Kyle McCarter as a "champion for conservative principles" while serving in the Illinois Senate.

“Kyle McCarter has been a champion for conservative principles during his time in the Illinois State Senate. He has fiercely defended the American family, unborn life, and traditional marriage, even in the midst of tremendous pressure. He has proven in his career as an entrepreneur and business leader that he will protect American jobs and workers. 

McCarter said via Twitter that he is "honored" to receive Mrs. Schlafly's endorsement.

Eagle Forum PAC says they support candidates committed to a conservative philosophy of limited government, national sovereignty and traditional values.


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  1. Phyllis Schlafly likes to accuse people she does not like of “betrayal” and surrender. But she has not always been infallible in her endorsements and she has not always stuck to conservative principles preferring instead to pretend that she knows best on pragmatic political strategy. For those who might have forgotten, in the 1982 Republican Primary she endorsed George Ryan for Lt. Governor over State Sen. Don Totten. Totten had been a board member of the Illinois Conservative Union and the chairman of the Reagan delegation at the 1980 GOP Convention. Ryan had never done anything to help other conservatives but he was a darling of Phyllis because he helped her block the ERA when he was Speaker of the House. Principles lost and so did Totten. Since 2010 Totten has been serving as a board member of the RTA. Ryan was convicted of in a 22-count federal indictment. The charges included racketeering, bribery, extortion, money laundering and tax fraud. The indictment alleged that Ryan steered several state contracts to Warner and other friends; disbursed campaign funds to relatives and to pay personal expenses; and obstructed justice by attempting to end the state investigation of the license-for-bribes scandal. He was charged with lying to investigators and accepting cash, gifts and loans in return for his official actions as governor. In late 2005, the case went to trial and Ryan and Ryan served five years in federal prison at Terre Haute for for the scandal in his Secretary of State office when 76 people were convicted of selling license plates. Great judgment Phyllis.

  2. Don’t listen to Rhoads, he loves establishment moderates. Just take a look at Shimkus’ abysmal voting record.
    Kyle McCarter is a real deal conservative. Kyle is committed to a conservative philosophy of limited government, national sovereignty and traditional values.

  3. Never been a huge fan of Shimkus, but would take him over McCarter in a heartbeat. I wish people could see behind the phony mask of some of these people; to see who they really are and their true motives behind their run for office.