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PAC attack ad features Trump pro-immigrant comments at City Club of Chicago




CHICAGO – Last June, businessman Donald Trump visited the City Club of Chicago soon after announcing his interest in running for president. Tickets sold out quickly, and the City Club audience was not disappointed.

Seven months later, some of Trump's responses at the City Club appear in an attack ad focused on his response that day to the illegal alien issue – one that is a key reason so many of his supporters say they are favoring Trump in the GOP primary.

Trump's response was very different in June 2015 than one would expect to hear him say today. 

"You have to give them a path and make it possible for them to succeed – you have to do that," he told the City Club of Chicago audience.  

The ad is funded by Our Principles PAC – founded by Katie Packer, once deputy campaign manager for Mitt Romney. 

Packer isn't a fan of Trump or Cruz. 

"I am not focused on that," she said. "I believe personally that if either Ted Cruz or Donald Trump are the nominee, I think we will probably lose in November," Packer told The Hill.com last week.
"I think they are both very weak candidates for our party. … But the problem with Donald Trump is I think he's downright dangerous and he would basically destroy the Republican Party. If you nominate a guy who abandons all the views we have advocated for the last few decades, then we don't have a party."

The full City Club speech is HERE.


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  1. I trust Cruz as well. If Trump was the GOP candidate against Hillary, I would have to simply refrain from voting for either for President. Trump is the Democrat Party’s “Trojan Donkey”. Smart political strategy by the National Democrat Party but I am hoping the GOP voters see it for what it really is.