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Congressman Roskam on talks SCOTUS



Rep. Roskam joined Coast to Coast with Neil Cavuto on Fox Business to discuss President Obama's decision to nominate a Supreme Court justice in the twilight of his presidency.


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  1. Mr. Roskam – do you recall how – on these very pages – last fall – you argued – after we sent you back to Washington, to – among other things – address our national immigration crisis – that Congress couldn’t withold funding for Obama’s government to halt his illicit executive orders for illegal alien amnesty?
    And recall telling us that Congress’ only option was to sue Obama in federal court? And when that lawsuit was filed, you recall how you refused to sign on with other Republicans – in an amicus curiae brief?
    And recall how you then went on to advocate increased immigration through H-1B visas, which destroy job opportunities for our local American hi-tech students?
    Do you understand, Peter Roskam, that Donald Trump just overwhelmingly won in your district – and in the entire state – and how you are now facing a loss of 20% to 40% of your customary Republican base in November – because of your betrayal of your very own constituents?
    Is there someone on your staff, Peter Roskam, who can do a good job of re-vamping your resume? You likely will benefit from that service.