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Letter to the Editor: IL Human Rights Commission – The Epitome of Tyranny




Dear Editor:

Outrageous! The Illinois Human Rights Commission has fined a Christian business owner $80K for refusing to violate his conscience regarding hosting an event for a same-sex ceremony. And to make matters worse, they are mandating that he do the very thing that violates his religious beliefs.

This is the epitome of tyranny!

This bigoted decision is the latest strike in the war against religious liberty. Intolerant lawmakers and bureaucrats are now forcing citizens to do, say and act in accordance with a decidedly liberal worldview, and enforcing their dictates with the heavy hand of government.

Six years ago, Leftists in Washington D.C. decided to force all Americans into socialized health insurance, whether they wanted to or not.

Last year here in Illinois, Gov. Bruce Rauner joined with Leftists to pass a law to censor professional counselors and clergy from helping needy children suffering from unwanted same-sex attraction or gender-confusion.

Today, there is a bill pending in the Illinois House which would quash rights-of-conscience protections of pro-life medical professionals by forcing them to refer patients to abortion providers. 

How have we come to a place where we allow government to tell citizens what they can or cannot do or say despite their moral objections?  No American should be forced to do something that violates their sincerely held beliefs.

David E. Smith
Executive Director, Illinois Family Institute


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    “The free exercise and enjoyment of religious profession
    and worship, without discrimination, shall forever be
    guaranteed, and no person shall be denied any civil or
    political right, privilege or capacity, on account of his
    religious opinions;….”

    Free exercise of religion includes right of conscience, the human Rights Commission has no authority to deny constitutionally protected free exercise of religion. The Illinois constitution is the supreme law of Illinois, not the Christian religion hating human rights commission. David Smith is absolutely correct, this is tyranny!
    Contact the governor’s office and demand he take action to protect religious freedom in Illinois!
    Office of the Governor
    207 State House
    Springfield, IL 62706
    Phone: 217-782-0244

  2. Anti-discrimination laws were intended for public lodging and service facilities that were large and impersonal. When government no longer allows people the discretion to decide who will occupy their home or who they will serve, that is a violation of the US Constitution and is indeed tyranny.