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Polls open; Early voting records set in Cook County, Chicago




CHICAGO – If Tuesday's voting numbers are anything like the early voting numbers, Illinois could set a record for primary voting today.

Before Tuesday, more than 130,000 people already cast ballots in the city of Chicago and more than 102,000 people cast ballots in suburban Cook County. Those numbers double the previous highs set back in 2008 when President Obama was facing Hillary Clinton.

According to Cook County Clerk David Orr, most of the early voters have been over 50 years old, but they've also seen a surge in younger voters coming out in force already. 

About 71 percent of the early voters chose a Democratic ballot and 29 percent Republican, which is not unusual for Cook County.


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  1. HUGE voter turnout in Western Kane County precincts.
    I never saw such numbers before this in mine, in Kane County’s Blackberry Township.
    Some voters in my precinct had to wait in line for one hour fifty minutes.
    At 7:00 PM the parking lot was still FULL as was the lobby.

  2. Same in my Chicago pct. which was in the 50th ward of Chicago, and biggest GOP #s since Reagan in ’84 — gee whiz, why do you think why?
    Not because of the old-liners like Obama and Mark Rhoads.
    There is a new wind blowin’ in the USA and the old-line GOP pols – and their apologists – just don’t get it.
    Do they even understand that Roskam and Hultgren and the rest of the Cook/Dupage/Lake and McHenry GOP candidates – who refuse to support Trump – are going to lose their seats?
    How do the RINOs explain that even the former left-wing Republicans in Lake County went for Trump? Lake Forest for Trump? Oh, how these Illinois Republicans are so out-of-touch with their former voters!
    I believe they are doomed – unless they get on-board the Trump Express!
    That’s the deal. It is non-negotiable.