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Rhoads: Congratulations to James Marter


By Mark Rhoads

Congratulations and thank you to James Marter and his family and supporters for running a positive campaign for the U.S. Senate nomination based on conservative principles and for offering an alternative vision to GOP primary voters.


  1. “Congratulations?” For WHAT???
    An opportunistic campaign, begin a mere six months before the election?
    NO real long-range plan or strategy?
    NO money?
    NO record or history as an elected official?
    NO solid base of support?
    Several of us on this site attempted to advise his so-called “supporters” this would be a disaster, but they were so blinded by him as an opponent to Kirk, they followed him like zombies, or pushed him out in front, but would not give a dollar to his campaign. Those of you who DID give money, wasted it.
    IF Mr. Marder TRULY wanted this office he had six years to plan for it. Instead, it was only a publicity campaign for him, to be used in some future election.
    You TEA Party people: WAKE UP! Stop following your “feelings” for support of candidates like James Marter, and use your BRAINS, logic and evaluation abilities BEFORE supporting someone. This campaign was doomed before it even started.

  2. I for one love “token” campaigns because they send a message. The message in this case is that Kirk is hated by 25% of the base and can’t win in the fall. He is going to get removed by the party and you won’t have to rant any more about us “wasting” our efforts. I didn’t do anything more for Jim other than vote for him and get him to our Township Endorsement session. I was far too busy electing a state senator, local committeemen, a countywide official. And while I am at it, thanks for all the others who ran against the “White Flag Congress” that gave Obama everything he wanted. I see John Boehner’s seat went to a Tea party type after the “tokens” who ran against him in 2014 got 31% of the vote. The other white flag Congressman in Illinois will also get booted out next election (Kirk won’t even make the election, let along get reelected). The Left never gives up by not running primaries and neither should we. I am just sorry the State Board of Election removed from the ballot another candidate against another White Flag Congressman, so we could send him a message, too.

  3. The truth may hurt, but the pain doesn’t make it any less “the truth.” Let’s see what political office Mr. Marter runs for next.
    He’s now chalked up two runs, and two defeats.
    Mr. Zima, here’s a positive suggestion: Choose an office to run for in 2018, stock-pile some money, start working precincts, gain supporters, make a good name for yourself politically, then YOU run for it.
    Is THAT “positive” enough?

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