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Shimkus campaign spent $2500 at D.C. strip bar in 2005, watchdog group finds



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Congressman John Shimkus' 2005 Christmas party must have been a memorable one, because campaign expenditures show he spent $2500 on December 21st, 2005 at a D.C. hotspot with a "Spank" room.

The Edgar County Watchdogs followed campaign's money and found that while Congressman Shimkus tweets Scripture verses out five days a week, and claims he's a Christian family man, his campaign donors might not appreciate where their hard-earned dollars were spent.


Edgar County Watchdogs' reported Thursday - 

Campaign Expenditure:

What is Club 1223? 

“MCCXXIII (1223) was one of Washington’s first pricey bottle-service clubs, and its upstairs VIP lounge,Spank, was the first local club to jump on the “reserve-a-bed” trend back in 2002.“

“This club was the cornerstone of what I think my sister likes to call “The Gaza Strip.” In other words,it’s dancefloor was wall-to-wall Eurotrash

“If you’re stuck in the capital and have a hankering for New York nightlife (getting dressed up, waiting in line, being treated badly by doorstaff, paying a lot for drinks, gawking at a lotta wacky architecture) then this monster on Dupont Circle is for you. Come dance on the tiny dance floor, pay extra to ascend to the top floor in the “Spank” room, recline on the big banquettes and enjoy hotties with bottles. Don’t bother showing your face before 11 and make sure to dress to impress.”

MCCXXXIII (1223) closed its doors and a new business named Dirty Bar tried to carry on the historic venue and now has been converted to a restaurant/bar/lounge known as Dirty Martini.

Maybe it's no big deal to you that Congressman Shimkus celebrated Christmas at a strip bar – conservatives downstate may disagree. 

Shimkus, who has been a member of the U.S. House for 20 years, is being challenged by state Senator Kyle McCarter in next Tuesday's 15th CD Republican Primary. 

For more details, check out Edgar County Watchdogs.


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  1. This story is a joke. I used to live in DC and have been to the club in question several times. It was never a strip club. It was a club, and just that.
    Now should have Shimkus’ campaign been spending money there is a question, and certainly a valid one. But to claim the place is a strip club is a blatant lie.
    Also where is the proof the Congressman was there as opposed to someone on his staff??
    Come on guys, stories like this are a joke.

  2. The Spank Room ?!?!?!
    The Dirty Bar ?!?!?!
    Looks like Shimkus was a darned solid Illinois Republican after all.
    As a matter of fact, with a resume like this, it appears he had aspirations to higher Republican office!
    Well done Mr Shimkus – you make Illinois Republicans very proud!

  3. The cited review is obviously for a dance club, not a strip club. Bottle service, DJs, a dance floor. Not naked women pole-dancing for tips.
    Incidentally, this club closed many years ago. This “scandalous” story is eleven years old.
    You don’t like Shimkus? Fine. Get something real and current against him. Don’t tell me he “masticates in front of children”.

  4. The title of the webpage is “Washington DC Strip Clubs” so you figure it out Einstein!
    I am not a strip club expert, so I relied on the webpage that lists strip clubs in DC… duhh. I am not going to argue with you about it, but wasn’t the expenditure from 2005? Is that many years ago…. expert! And by the way Richie, I merely asked Ryan to explain it, I never once made any accusations. And Peter’s actions as a politician are always current, try to remember that!
    By the way Shimkus is running political TV ads so full of outrageous lies stupid about Kyle McCarter, it even makes Obama blush in shame.
    Is that real enough for you Richie? McCarter is going to end that career politician’s career! you may not like but as they say… TOUGH!

  5. Take a look at Shimkus’’ illegal alien butt kissing voting record at NumbersUSA. Its a huge betrayal to his AMERICAN WORKER constituents. His grade is a pathetic “D”
    Why doesn’t career politician Shimkus know American workers come first? Why vote for him when he doesn’t know he should take care of his constituents first? Illegal aliens and foreign workers get priority from “been in DC too long” Shimkus!
    Richie, is that real and current enough for you?