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To Welcome Trump to Chicago, hot dog stand offers 3-inch “Trump Footlongs”




LINCOLN PARK — Famed hot dog stand The Wiener's Circle will welcome Donald Trump to Chicago this weekend by selling 3-inch long hot dogs, its owners announced Thursday, DNAinfo Chicago reports.

All day Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the stand, 2622 N. Clark St., will offer the microdogs in three bundles. Customers can buy a "Trump footlong," (one dog) a "Trump package" (two dogs) or a "Trump Super PAC" (four dogs with fries and a drink).

Trump will hold a campaign rally Friday at the UIC Pavillion, 526 S. Racine Ave. Plans are already being drawn for a massive protest across the street.

"We saw he's coming to UIC, and we figured that since [Marco] Rubio said that about him, why not run a special while he's here?" said Yolanda Smile, a shift supervisor at The Wiener's Circle. "It's just for fun, absolutely not any kind of political statement."

More at DNA Info.


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