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Uncensored videos from outside canceled Trump rally



CHICAGO – From an array of short, uncensored videos taken outside the Trump rally canceled Friday night in Chicago available HERE.  

In this one, Trump protesters shouted "Shame on you!" as disappointed rally attenders exited the University of Illinoi – Chicago Pavilion after supporters learned GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump was not going to appear:


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  1. Abortionists don’t yell that to the women that are spreading their legs to get their unwanted babies taken from them piece by piece. I think you’re mistaken – why would they do that?
    And secondly, no prolifers would ever shame any expectant mother going into an abortion clinic. They offer support, prayer and kindness – thousands of babies have been saved by prayer warriors outside clinics. They aren’t angry, they’re broken-hearted for the mothers, fathers and the babies.
    You need to be a little more relaxed when you comment, you poor thing, and think before your write and make a fool of yourself.

  2. left out ANTI… when you folks stand outside a clinic and harass the folks seeking care .. YOU ARE BULLYING.
    there are some clinics where this is done 24×7 …24×7 DON”T DENY IT SWEETIE. bullies. Get your head out of the sand.

  3. Wow. You’re an incredibly angry person, which gives me hope – you have a conscience, and you know that killing innocent human beings is evil and inexcusable. What a shame that you’ve been brainwashed into defending the practice.
    Still, I would think trying to save a precious human life is an admirable thing – and comparing the cautions in front of an abortion clinic to the mob mentality displayed simply because a person wanted to attend a political rally is outrageous and illogical.
    Liberals are so hysterical all the time – it must be soo exhausting, No, Really …

  4. Narc wants you to ask the government for a note to have sex so that only babies can be made and no fun fun times
    also he supports a woman’s obligation to die for her fetus be enforced by the the big government as well. Gun point and under lock and key if necessary until those precious babies are popped.
    After they are popped.. they can then starve because their mothers should of known better than to be whores… understand “conservative” logic now?
    Did I get all that right Narc?

  5. people seeking medical care for their unborn children should not be harassed period. Unless you are clairvoyant you have no idea why a woman is going to a health care facility.
    I’m angry because YOU ARE A HYPOCRITE.