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Cruz announces five-stop fly around in Illinois Monday



Ted Cruz was in Rolling Meadows Friday night, will return Monday for five stop state fly around

SPRINGFIELD – Republican GOP candidate Ted Cruz is making five stops in Illinois Monday - in Rockford, Glen Ellyn, Peoria, Decatur, and Springfield.

An NBC poll released Sunday shows Cruz nine points behind Trump, indicating a surge from previous polling.  


  • 9:00am – 10:30am
  • Doors Open at 8:30am
  • Coronado Performing Arts Center
  • 314 N Main St.
  • Rockford, IL 61101

Glen Ellyn

  • 12:30pm – 2:00pm
  • Doors Open at 11:30am
  • Abbington Banquets
  • 3 South 002 Illinois 53
  • Glen Ellyn, IL 60137


  • 4:00pm – 5:30pm
  • Doors Open at 3:00pm
  • Peoria Civic Center
  • 201 Southwest Jefferson Avenue
  • Peoria, IL 61602


  • 7:30pm – 9:00pm
  • Doors Open at 6:30pm
  • Decatur Conference Center
  • 4191 US 36 West
  • Decatur, IL 62522


  • 10:30pm – 11:30pm
  • Doors Open at 9:30pm
  • iWorshipCenter
  • 3200 Shaler Rd.
  • Springfield, IL 62707

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  1. After blaming Trump for the domestic terrorist violence in Chicago, I’ll never vote for Cruz. I was undecided on who to vote for but Cruz helped me decide, Trump will be getting my vote.

  2. Cruz is the ultimate insider as a former top Bush 41 policy aide and globalist, Ivy Leaguer, and establishment insider. There is no better example of this than Cruz’s actions surrounding the big Wall Street banks and their secret funding of his political ascension. Oil and Gas Millions fund this Cruz. Cruz has been gorging at the table of the ultimate insider of all insiders — Goldman Sachs and Citybank. His TPP support is the proof in the pudding. The power elites have no leverage over Trump. Cruz, on the other hand, is the establishment’s quisling, spawned by the Bushes and controlled by Wall Street.

  3. Truth, Cruz did not “blame” Trump. He said the protesters were responsible for the violence. He did say however that the culture of a campaign comes from the top. When a candidate says “Punch him in the Face”, or take someone down & he’ll pay the legal fees. When a supporter does punch someone in the face in Missouri, and the candidate does not condemn it, this causes bad behavior to escalate. That’s what he said. My guess is that Trump was your pick anyway.

  4. The truth to Nancy Thorners statement can be realized with the addition of Neil Bush to Cruz’s campaign in the finance department.
    Old Neil Bush the guy from the Silverado Banking Scandal who almost went to the slammer with John McCain and a few other greedy US Senators. He’s been called out not to sniff up more money from the establishment oligarchy.
    So far the establishment has offered up Jeb Bush, Johm Kasich, Rubio, and Cruz with Neil Bush as his sugar daddy.
    Even with 5 to one odds, I’m putting my money on Donald Trump.

  5. It’s the Constitution. It’s the Supreme Court. It’s religious freedom. It’s eliminating the IRS. It’s ending sanctuary cities. It’s defunding Planned Parenthood. It’s stopping Obamacare.
    All the other hysterical fears of ridiculous conspiracy theories has lightened my mood this evening. You all are hilarious! The tin foil cap industry will certainly bring back all the low-paying jobs that have gone to China and Mexico if Trump wins. You just go right on believing it.
    And don’t start the lecturing about who loves America more. Ted Cruz is hated by the people on the inside of Washington DC – the very people that Trump has given millions too.
    Who of you tin foil hatters are just fine with Donald Trump spending Christmas in 2009 with George Soros? And Trump Towers in Chicago being salvaged because Soros loaned a “mezzanine” bridge loan to Trump?
    For me, it’s TED CRUZ all the way. GO TED!!

  6. The real Donald Trump has been slowly leaking out despite The Donald’s best efforts to suppress it until after his coronation. My guess is that right about now the honorable but naïve Doctor Carson is wishing he had never publicly endorsed Donald Trump.
    A vote for Trump in tomorrow’s GOP Primary suddenly transitions into a hollow and valueless vote in the November 8th General against Hillary. Polls have shown that Trump can not beat Hillary. He is too polarizing for the other voters in the country. Only a vote for one of the other GOP contenders such as Ted Cruz can get the job done in November’s general election. An educated vote is a terrible thing to waste.

  7. There is no question who conservatives need to support this primary, Ted Cruz. He is the only proven constitutional conservative; he is not an insider and has not publicly funded the insiders. He didn’t say that he has a good relationship with Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Chuck Schumer and that he could work with them. I like some of what Donald Trump has to say, and I even like the way he says it. The problem is that we have all had it with politicians without principles, Ted Cruz does, Donald Trump does not. Plain and simple.

  8. How can you say that he is an insider. Washington hates him more than Trump. They can work with Donald. We can all get loans from Goldman Sachs and Citibank, and I bet Donald has gotten loans from those same firms at one time. Most Americans get loan from banks, and they usually are big banks. What is this liberal take on the banks? I do remember only 1 candidate coming out against ethanol subsidies, Ted Cruz. Trump licked his finger, felt the political wind in Iowa, and spoke in favor of expanding the ethanol subsidies. There is only 1 principled conservative, Ted Cruz.

  9. Ted Cruz has as much to do with Neil Bush, as Donald Trump has to do with David Duke. Neither of the candidates need to answer to any endorsements. Any nut job or idiot can endorse whoever they want. Neil Bush does not work for the Ted Cruz campaign, even Trump lover Roger Stone admits that.

  10. The manufacturing jobs that went to Mexico weren’t low paying. Thanks to that rotten trade deal called NAFTA, just recently Carrier, the heating and cooling company announced they were shutting down their Indy plant and sending 1400 jobs to Mexico. Those jobs paid $16-$24/HR… that’s hardly low paying.
    You obviously don’t understand finance and business, your facile comments about Trump are foolish.