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UPDATE x2: At Friday’s Chicago Teachers Union Protest: F*** the Police!



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CHICAGO – During Friday's rally of striking Chicago Teachers Union members, protest agitator Page May shouted in disgust after CTU President Karen Lewis told the crowd "Chicago police aren't our enemies." 

(Sunday PM the video was deleted from Sarah Chambers Twitter feed. UPDATE: More on Page May HERE. We found another copy of the video on Chicago Code Blue's FB page.) 

"And while I have your attention, F*** the police!" May shouted, as the crowd cheered: 


ILLINOIS TEACHER SPEAKS AT CTU RALLY/PROTEST, TELLS CROWD "[email protected] THE POLICE" and "EVERYBODY [email protected] WITH THEM"If there is a clear case of corruption and injustices in our governmental systems…look no further then the CTU and their many hidden agendas.This educator does NOT speak for any of the teachers in Chicago . She speaks for her own agenda….and she now teaches our children to HATE. A clear violation to the Illinois Educators code of Ethics. PRINCIPLE 4: RESPONSIBILITY TO PARENTS, FAMILIES AND COMMUNITIESThe Illinois Educator will collaborate, build trust, and respect confidentiality with parents, families, and communities to create effective instruction and learning environments for each student. Illinois Educators:▪Aspire to understand and respect the values and traditions of the diversity represented in the community and in their learning environments;▪Encourage and advocate for fair and equal educational opportunities for each student;▪Develop and maintain professional relationships with parents, families, and communities;▪Promote collaboration and support student learning through regular and meaningful communication with parents, families, and communities; and▪Cooperate with community agencies that provide resources and services to enhance the learning environment.#CTU #ChicagoTeachersUnion #SupportCPD #ChicagoCodeBLUE #ChicagoPD #ChicagoPoliceDepartment #BacktheBlue #thinblueline #bluelivesmatter #alllivesmatter #supportthepolice #LAWENFORCEMENT

Posted by Chicago Code BLUE on Sunday, April 3, 2016


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  1. This is very disturbing the chicago teachers union, Karen Lewis, and the democratic party feel this way
    And these are the people teaching our children. It’s time to get rid if public sector unions starting with the chicago teachers union.
    Very sad.

  2. Oh yes, of course.
    And it gets even better, because once the students get passed (legitimately or not) on to higher education they have the likes of Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, and Barack Obama waiting to indoctrinate – oops, I mean ‘educate’ – the students further.

  3. A simple Google ofher name would answer the question of if she is a CPS teacher. SHE…IS NOT!! Many other groups marched WITH CTU for this day of action. You all honestly think a teacher would get up there and say such a thing on Friday and expect to have their job on Monday no matter how dirty and corrupt you feel the CTU is???? Really???? Would you expect to have your union job if you did????

  4. The Sarah Chambers that posted the speech above on her Twitter feed is a member of the CTU’s Executive Board. If CTU had a problem with the speech, a board member would most likely not be promoting it.
    More to come on this Monday.

  5. She appears to be a teacher of some kind also alighted with the union. She was one if the official speakers after Jesse Jackson and Karen Lewis.,she is a spokesperson for the rally and the union not some passerby.
    It’s dusturbing the crowd of “teachers” cheered.
    Don’t take my word for it, check out the police reaction on their blog, second city cop. http://secondcitycop.blogspot.com/2016/04/ctu-speaker-says-f-police.html?m=1